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Photo By: PIXTA/コン太くん
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Hayama Shiosai Park and Museum

Remnants of an Imperial Villa Garden immerse with the Isshiki Coast of Hayama.

By Alma Reyes

While Kamakura in nearby Kanagawa Prefecture remains a favorite out-of-town destination for Tokyo residents, its neighboring Hayama also has much to offer in culture and nature. Between the 12th and 14th centuries, shoguns erected villas in Hayama due to the panoramic beauty of the sea and its convenient access to Kamakura.

Soon, many nobles and government officials flocked to Hayama as a holiday resort. Hayama Goyotei, the Imperial villa was constructed in 1894, and a part of its residence is delicately preserved in Hayama Shiosai Park, which opened in 1987.

The succession ceremony from Taisho Emperor Yoshihito to Showa Emperor Hirohito was held in the site that now houses the present Hayama Shiosai Museum inside the park, making this spot a truly significant historical landmark.

Hayama Shiosai Park

Hayama Shiosai

Photo by: Alma Reyes A quiet oasis by the shoreline.

Typical of Japanese traditional gardens, the park is exquisitely landscaped with pine trees, maple trees and other flower trees, surrounding rocks, and a stone bridge over a charming pond with carp. The park is especially popular for its hydrangeas. The walkway around the pond overlooks the spectacular Sagami Bay.

A three-meter waterfall “Fukei no Taki” at the side of the pond enjoys sceneries of Mount Sangaokayama, which is a popular hiking course. Two types of water flow run from this waterfall—one flowing sideways, nuno-ochi and one running against the sides of the rocks, tsutai ochi. There is also a lawn at the rear side where children can run and play. It provides striking views of Hayama and the Isshiki coast.

Two Japanese teahouses are found in the park. Shiomitei teahouse, located next to the open lawn, serves as a rest area. It was built in 1993 and commemorated the marriage of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Ikkei’an teahouse inside the park offers coffee, black tea, iced coffee, orange cider and special matcha tea. After a pleasant stroll around the premises, pausing for a brief, quiet rest at this teahouse is most welcome.

Hayama Shiosai Museum

Hayama Shiosai Museum

Photo by: PIXTA/コン太くん View Emperor Hirohito’s vast collection of Hayama sealife.

The entrance fee to the park covers the museum visit. It is specially dedicated to the marine collection of former Emperor Hirohito, who was a marine biologist and spent a great deal of time in Hayama observing marine creatures during his reign. Sagami Bay is well-noted as a treasure trove of sea organisms, many of which are discovered here.

Make sure to take the rear route from the park to the beach, and you may be lucky enough to catch a magnificent glimpse of Mount Fuji.

Things To Know


Shiosai Park and museum are open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for Mondays (or the following day if it is a public holiday) and December 28 to January 3.  Entering the park is free however museum admission is 300. 

There is a direct pathway from the park to The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama in one minute. Across the museum is Hoshun Yamaguchi Memorial Hall.

How To Get There


By train

From Tokyo station, take Yokosuka Line to Zushi station (approximately one hour), take a 15-minute ride Bus #11 bound for Fukushi Bunka Kaikan, get off at Sangaoka stop, then a 1-minute walk.

By car

Approximately one hour from Tokyo station

Where To Stay

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Zaimokuza Seasons
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