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#7 Take our photo quiz to win ¥50,000 in hotel vouchers (Closed)

There are three images of places in Japan. But where are they?

Ready for our latest giveaway challenge? All you have to do is look at the photo, explore our site to find out where it is, and write down the exact name of the destination (this is the same as the title of the post). For example, if the image is of Nagoya Castle:

Nagoya Castle = OK
Nagoya Castle, Nagoya = OK
Nagoya = not OK

The clues are in each photo. Is the photo taken in spring? Click on the “Spring” category to search for the relevant shot. There’s a geisha in the frame? Type “geisha” in the search bar and see what comes up.

The quiz is now closed.

If you get the answers right, you’ll have a chance to win ¥50,000 in hotel vouchers to spend in any of the participating hotels located across Japan. Please see the giveaway page for terms and conditions. The contest will close Tuesday 13th December at 13:00 (JST). Good luck!