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Photo By: Farplane
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Kink, weirdos and wonder at Osaka’s most otherworldly bar.

Stepping into Farplane is akin to stepping into another world. The bartenders’ cosplay as colorful alien creatures, the interior design evokes a style the Addams Family would describe as homey, and watching someone get bound and gagged onstage is nothing more than normal Tuesday night shenanigans. No matter your kink, you are welcome here with open arms (and maybe handcuffed if that’s what you’re into).

No matter your kink, you are welcome here…

Farplane is a bizarre bar and sexy apparel shop located deep in Osaka’s Amemura district, which describes itself as “fashionable, erotic and entertaining.” But that barely does it justice. What started in 2005 as a small shop selling clothing incorporating elements of the strange and sensual eventually expanded. Now they have an online store and a bar that’s just as fun and freaky as the styles Farplane was already known for.

Photo by: Farplane Night A performer at one of the events: Farplane Night.

These days the shop is still going strong, but the bar is by far the most popular. With a reputation as one of the most exciting and unique venues for a night out, grabbing a drink (or ten) at Farplane is a must for anyone looking for a memorable time in Osaka.

Farplane Night

An unearthly experience, guests are greeted with the sight of a giant paper mache penis, disembodied legs plastered to the walls, and an intense mix of colors and designs reminiscent of an acid trip. Entering Farplane might immediately make you feel tipsy even if you haven’t had a drink yet. Head to the bar, where the staff is very welcoming to foreign visitors, to fix that right up!

Events include regular burlesque performances and the annual Farplane Night, a huge fetish party where hundreds of people gather to cast their inhibitions aside. Together they enjoy music and performances not restricted by genre until the sun comes up. Past performances have also included bands, DJs, pole dancing and live S&M play.

For those new to or curious about kink, Farplane can be a great place to start. Yet, this bar isn’t just for kinksters and weirdos. It’s genuinely fun and friendly enough for anyone, so don’t be shy! At its core, Farplane is about opening minds and dismantling stereotypes, while also showing guests a good time. So, what are you waiting for?

Events info

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Things To Know

Hours and fees

One non-alcoholic drink at the bar costs around ¥500, whereas an alcoholic drink starts from ¥600. Farplane is usually open everyday, from 8 p.m. until about 3 a.m., and there is no table charge.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒542-0086 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nishishinsaibashi, 2 Chome−8−19 イーストビレッジビル

By train

Farplane can be accessed from  Namba station on the Midousuji, Yostubashi, and Sennichimae subway lines. It can also be reached by using the Kintetsu and Nankai train lines to Namba station. From there it’s a five-minute walk to Amemura district.

Where To Stay

APA Hotel Namba Shinsaibashi
  • 2-7-12 Nishishinsaibashi, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0086 Japan
  • ¥7,800 - ¥47,000
  • 3.88/5 (789 reviews)
  • 0.1 km
APA Hotel Namba Shinsaibashi Nishi
  • 2-14-8 Nishishinsaibashi, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0086 Japan
  • ¥7,200 - ¥39,600
  • 0.1 km
Joytel Hotel Namba Dotonbori
  • 2-6-10 Nishishinsaibashi, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0086 Japan
  • ¥10,370 - ¥65,099
  • 4.1/5 (25 reviews)
  • 0.1 km
Karaksa Hotel Osaka Namba
  • 2-9-13 Nishishinsaibashi, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0086 Japan
  • ¥18,400 - ¥80,000
  • 4.61/5 (130 reviews)
  • 0.1 km
Shinsaibashi Arty Inn
  • 2-17-3 Nishishinsaibashi, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0086 Japan
  • ¥8,550 - ¥11,970
  • 4.61/5 (139 reviews)
  • 0.1 km

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