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Ekin Museum

A truly magical find that offers a once-in-a-trip opportunity.

Fans of art or horror movies, listen up. There’s a tiny little museum on the outskirts of Kochi’s city centre, nestled in the heart of Akaoka, the eerily quiet old quarter. Inside is a feast of color: gruesome battle scenes and horrific demons brought to life in the dim of the museum’s interior.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Kochi

10 Reasons to Visit Kochi
In a world where many visitors may only have (just) heard of Hokusai, what else does the Japanese art world have to offer? Well, Ekin for starters. So…who is he? Once a privileged painter of the Tosa aristocracy, Ekin fell from grace after allegations of forgery. Free from the restraints of what was seen as acceptable as an artist with a patron, he went on to create sweeping masterpieces depicting scenes from Japan’s historical and fictional past.

23 of these paintings remain in Akaoka today, close to where Ekin originally painted them. The museum also knows very well how to entice people inside. The lovely ladies at the front desk are all smiles and welcoming words as they hand you a lantern. Pushing back the curtain to the first room of the museum, you are greeted by a dark room illuminated only by your lantern. Edging closer to the walls, the paintings come alive in all their gruesomely beautiful detail.

Other rooms follow that show you how Ekin’s artistic prowess evolved from the days of quaint woodblocks to the huge screens that populated his work in later life. A truly magical find, this tiny museum in a derelict old quarter of the city brims with personality and enthusiasm, promising an unforgettable experience for all.


10 Reasons to Visit Kochi

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Kochi

10 reasons to visit this little-known gem in southern Japan. As if you need an excuse.


Things To Know

Opening Hours

9:00 – 17:00. Closed every Monday and during the New Year period from December 29 – Jan 3.

Entrance Fees

¥500 per person / ¥300 yen for high school students / ¥150 children middle school age or below. Groups of 15 people: ¥50 discount per person.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒781-5310 Kōchi-ken, Kōnan-shi, Akaokachō, 538, 香南市赤岡町絵金蔵

By train

From Kochi Station, take a train on the Gomen-Nahari Line bound for Nahari or Aki and get off at Akaoka Station. Walk away from the sea up to the main road. Cross the street and walk down into the narrow roads of Akaoka. The museum is nestled in a difficult to find location, so if Google doesn’t help you, test out your best Japanese on a local by asking the way to “Ekin-gura”.

Where To Stay

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