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Photo By: David Jaskiewicz
Largest City


Sun, sand, and ski

From camel riding to skiing and manga to monks, Tottori Prefecture is full of surprises.

Tottori sits on the coast of the Chugoku Region on the western side of Japan. Majestic dunes are Tottori’s claim to fame, but that barely brushes the surface. Venture beyond the sandy coast, and you’ll find a hiker’s paradise and a whimsical kingdom of manga.

Tottori Sand Dunes

A camel looking out over the Tottori sand dunes

Photo by: Take a camel ride in Tottori!

You’ll need to visit Tottori City to see the dunes. They stretch 16km along the San-in coastline and are the only large dunes found in Japan. Hiking around the dunes and taking in the spectacular views is rewarding enough, but there’s also paragliding and sandboarding for a different perspective. You can go for a stroll across the dunes on a camel for an experience right out of Aladdin.

Hiking Japan's Most Dangerous Temple

Nageiredo Temple on Mount Mitoku Tottori Japan
For beaches, boat cruises, and water sports, make your way to the rugged Uradome Coast. It’s located just next door to the dunes. Here, hot spring baths merge with the ocean at serene spots like Kaike Onsen. You can also explore cliffs, caverns, and rocks by boat cruise or kayak, and there’s snorkeling around the azure shores of Iwami.

Manga fans might also recognize Tottori as the hometown for several famous artists, including Mizuki Shigeru of wonderfully-weird Gegege no Kitaro fame, and Gosho Aoyama, the creator behind the hugely successful Detective Conan—known abroad as Case Closed.

Take the Manga Kingdom tour along the coast from Sakaiminato to Kurayoshi and discover a whimsical world of supernatural characters and detective heroes. The Mizuki Shigeru Road outside JR Sakaiminato Station features more than 150 bronze statues of yokai (spirits or demons) that emerged from the artist’s peculiar psyche. In nearby Houkei, the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory features original drawings and replicas of tricks and inventions from the world of Detective Conan.

Hiking and spiritual escapes in Tottori

Mount Daisen Tottori

Mount Daisen

In the west of the prefecture, sacred Mount Daisen carries summer hikers and winter skiers straight from the ocean up into the clouds. Once a flourishing center of Shugendo or mountain worship, Daisen is the former training ground of more than 3,000 warrior monks and continues to play host to several religious rituals throughout the year.

Even though it’s the highest mountain in the Chugoku region, it’s relatively easy to reach the summit. About three hours of hiking will get you to Misen Peak, which has beautiful views of the Sea of Japan. Explore the holy sites of Daisen-ji and Ogamiyama shrine on your way.

Nageiredo Temple on Mont Mitoku in Tottori Japan.

Photo by: Randiah Camille Green Nageiredo Temple is one of Tottori’s off-the-beaten-track destinations.

The climbing season opens over the first weekend of June with an extraordinary medieval-style torchlight parade at night. Anybody is welcome to take part, but torches are handed out on a first-come-first-served basis. In the winter, the slopes transform into the popular Oku-Daisen Ski Resort.

Between Daisen and Tottori city, Mount Mitoku is slightly more off-the-beaten-track. Built more than 1,300 years ago, Nageiredo Hall juts out impossibly from a hollow in the cliffside. Hiking the trails of Mitoku is a real adventure. Some sections are near vertical with chains attached to help climbers scale the rocks. Don’t forget to pack your best hiking shoes!

Explore all that Tottori has to offer at the locations below. 


Nageiredo Temple on Mount Mitoku Tottori Japan

Hiking Japan's Most Dangerous Temple

Harness your inner strength and climb outside your comfort zone on Tottori Prefecture’s Mount Mitoku


Places to visit

Old Kurayoshi Line

Old Kurayoshi Line

Discover cherry blossoms, a bamboo grove and more while exploring the Old Kurayoshi Line.

Utsubuki Park

Utsubuki Park

Travel off the beaten path and experience one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots.

Tottori Castle

Kyusho Park (Tottori Castle Ruins)

Admire cherry blossoms and avoid large crowds in a park featuring castle ruins, a history museum and a mansion from the 1900s.

Yonago Waterbird Sanctuary

Yonago Waterbird Sanctuary

A natural habitat for over 100 species of wild birds both resident and migratory.

Daisen White Resort

Daisen White Resort

Ski or snowboard one of Japan’s tallest mountains while enjoying ocean views.

Daisendaki Falls

Daisendaki Falls

One of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato

Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato

Meet Tottori’s famous dairy cows.

Kagikake Pass

Kagikake Pass

One of the most famous viewpoints of Mount Daisen.

Mukibanda Historical Park

Mukibanda Historical Park

Explore what Japan looked like before it was Japan.

Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

Dedicated to Tottori’s most influential surreal photographer.

Yonago Beach

Yonago Beaches

Yonago, a city in western Tottori Prefecture, invites visitors to enjoy various outdoor activities. Nestled between Mount Daisen, Lake Nakaumi and the Sea of Japan, travelers in Yonago can go mountain climbing...

Daisen Museum of Nature and History

Discover how nature, religion and history intertwine on Mount Daisen.

5 Famous Foods You’ll Find in Tottori

Home to beef stock ramen, a myriad of coffee shops and more.

Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park

Spend a day away from the city and become immersed in 50 hectares of gardens.

Yonago Castle Ruins

A historic site famed for cherry blossoms and panoramic views of Yonago city, Mount Daisen and Lake Nakaumi.

Nageiredo Hall

Sanbutsuji Temple (Nageiredo Hall)

Rise to the challenge for a once-in-a-lifetime hike on Japan’s most perilous trail with unbelievable views.

Tottori Sand Museum

Places across the globe, seen through sand sculptures in local Japan.

Sanrakuso at Kansho-in Temple

Go forest bathing at Mount Daisen, try the hand-crafted Zen Burger and stay the night.


A rebirth of local art, community and food.

Tottori sand dunes in Tottori prefecture, Chugoku region

Tottori City

Thanks to the dunes and beachy blowouts, you'll look at sand in a totally new way.

Wakasa Temple Tottori


Mountainous and magical.

Kura coffee

3 Surprising Eats and Drinks in Kurayoshi, Tottori

From a cat selling roasted sweet potatoes to 12-colored cuisine, this historical city in Tottori is full of surprises.

Hakuto Beach

Beach by day, camping by night, plus a shrine dedicated to one famous rabbit

Misasa Onsen

Rest and recoup at this all-healing hot spring town.


And the award for most picturesque scene goes to...

Landscape of mountain reflection of Mount Daisen in a pond

Mount Daisen

Lost and found on the highest mountain in western Japan.

Statue if Medama-Oyaji outside Sakaiminato station.

Tottori Manga Kingdom

Follow the manga brick road.

Other Destinations in Chugoku

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