Largest City


Japan's electrifying capital

From glittering skyscrapers to rickety ramen shacks, Tokyo is a dazzling mix of the ultra modern and traditional.

Tokyo, meaning Eastern capital, grew from a small fishing village named Edo in the twelfth century to become the capital of Japan and one of the world’s most populous cities. It’s hugeness means that it has its own special definition as both a prefecture and a city, encompassing 23 special wards that are governed as mini-cities, as well as surrounding areas including the volcanic Izu islands and Ogasawara archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

Photo by: Rebecca You’ll never run out of things to do in Tokyo.

Importantly, the city of Tokyo is home for more than 13 million people, each inextricably linked to the soaring skyscrapers and residential rabbit warrens, elevated highways and tree-lined hills, subterranean bars and fast-food restaurants. The city and its inhabitants live and breathe together. Exploring Tokyo you really get to feel its unique aliveness.

Tokyo is home for more than 13 million people.

The best way to get to know the city is to wander around its distinct districts.

Each of Tokyo’s 23 wards has a distinct character of its own; there’s the bright lights of central business and entertainment district Shinjuku just a couple of metro stops away from the Harajuku hub of kawaii culture and outlandish fashion. Eastern districts like Asakusa and Ueno give off a more retro vibe, preserving their historic temples, museums and tiny izakaya hidden among pre-war winding alleyways. Then, there’s the super-sleek business centre of Tokyo, which gets a dose of royal zen from the Imperial Palace nearby, or the nightlife centre of cosmopolitan Roppongi where expats like to party but which also has a thriving art scene.

The list of things to do is endless – it’s a place where the old cliche ‘there’s something for everyone’ actually rings true.

Apart from all of the sights, there’s also a jam-packed calendar of events and festivals throughout the year, across the city, so make sure to check what’s on during your stay.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park offers breathing space between Shinjuku and Harajuku.

It’s hard to imagine where Tokyo ends but make it beyond the urban border and you’ll reach the subtropical islands of Izu and Ogasawara. Overnight ferries depart from the central Takeshiba port terminal near Hamamatsucho to the Tokyo islands, the furthest of which can take up to 26 hours to reach.  This is where you’ll find the Tokyo of a post-apocalyptic future; seemingly uninhabited forested islands, pure white beaches and never-seen-before reefs that offer camping, hiking, surfing, snorkelling, whale-watching and more.

Places to visit

Shinjuku Nichome

There’s more to Shinjuku than the red light district... Enjoy drinks, dancing and discussion in Tokyo’s hoppin’ LGBT district!

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa , Tokyo


The grand temple of Senso-ji looms large in the heart of Tokyo’s downtown.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride Fest

Grab your rainbow apparel and cruise on down to the biggest LGBT pride parade in Japan.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

Tokyo's other international airport (that's actually in Tokyo.)

Tokyo, Japan - June 4, 2015: Retailers busy selling and packing seafood in Tsukiji market. It is the largest fish market in Japan.

Tsukiji Fish Market

A tourist spot it ain’t but this only adds to its fishy charm.

View of Rainbow Bridge and Minato, from Odaiba in Tokyo


Tokyo's international district.

Night View of Roppongi crossing, Minato ward, Tokyo


A classy and cosmopolitan place to hang out, day or night.

People eating and drinking in an izakaya in Ameya-yokocho, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Discover old time Tokyo in the downtown districts of Taito ward.

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower and the second largest structure in the world.

Tokyo Skytree

Some locals might still hold a candle for the more retro Tokyo Tower but the Skytree is a competing favorite for good reason.

Edo Tokyo Museum Diorama

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Tokyo through the centuries at this funny-looking but seriously impressive museum.

Sumo wrestlers Fujiazuma Kazuyoshi with friends during tournament season. Sumo is Japan's national sport, most professional wrestlers are foreigners


You vs heavyweight traditional heritage in the sumo center of the world.

Streets of Meguro ward


Bars, boutiques and blossoms (even in the winter), Meguro is more than just Shibuya’s ward-next-door.

National Museum of Nature and Science

Explore the natural history, science and technology of Japan in this enjoyable museum.

Mount Takao

With its perfect location, cheap transport links and wealth of things to see and do; Mount Takao is a Tokyo day-tripper’s dream come true.

Tokyo,Japan-September 27,2015: a married couple attend Traditional Wedding ceremony at Meiji-Jingu

Meiji Jingu

Escape the chaos of Harajuku and hop over the road to Meiji Jingu.

Tokyo Tower at sunset and twilight hours

Tokyo Tower

Often characterised as bringing a little of the romance of Paris to the busy streets of the nation’s capital, Tokyo Tower is a steel structure with a lot of heart.

Two ladies in front of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Mi imperial casa es su casa.

National Theatre of Japan

Discover Japanese performing arts at this historic institution.

Second-hand books stacked and priced in window display of bookshop in Jimbocho, Tokyo.


Tokyo’s book town.

Ameya Yokocho market in between Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station.


Parks, museums, pandas and drinking in the daytime.

Colorful crepe stand in Harajuku.


Grab something sweet, wear your most outrageous outfit and dive head first into this paradise of the weird and wonderful.

People visit Sega Ikebukuro arcade game centre on May 11, 2012 in Tokyo. Sega is a profitable company with US $4.9 billion revenue in 2011.


Are you not entertained?

Giant Japanese spider crab- (Macrocheira kaempferi)

Sunshine Aquarium

An oasis in the Tokyo sky.

Manhole cover in Ghibli museum, Tokyo-Japan.

Ghibli Museum

A whimsical wonderland that is heartbreakingly charming.

Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Beat the crowds and get a sky-high panorama of Tokyo all to yourself with this local’s viewpoint.

Tokyo, Japan - August 1, 2015: Crowds pass below colorful signs in Akihabara. The well known electronics district specializes in the sales of video games, anime, manga, and computer goods.


Ah, Akihabara. Where to even begin? Electric town. Cool Japan. Anime Center. Themed cafes. The list is...


You know you're in Japan when...

A man reading inside a small restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo


You better lose yourself.

8bit Cafe in Shinjuku

8bit Cafe

Back to the future at this 80s gaming cafe.

Maid cafe Akihabara

Top 3 Maid Cafes in Akihabara

Not all cafes are maid equal.

Under a Tokyo Expressway on the way to Otome Road Ikebukuro

Otome Road

The road to manga heaven.

Kappabashi Street , kitchen town, shopping street between Ueno and Asakusa which is lined with several dozens of stores selling everything about restaurant operators.

Kappabashi Street

Welcome to Kitchen Town.

Tokyo, Japan- December 26,2015: Fuji TV Building headquarters at sunset in Odaiba


A Giant Gundam, Rainbow Bridge, Edo-inspired onsen, not to mention the coolest museums: what doesn’t Odaiba have to offer?

Tokyo, Japan springtime at Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku's not-so secret garden is still a stunner.

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Girl power at this groundbreaking theater.

Tokyo, Japan - May 20, 2004: Exterior of the main entrance to the Kabukiza Theatre in the Ginza district of Tokyo in Japan, This is the principal theatre in Tokyo for the traditional kabuki form of stage drama.

Kabukiza Theater

Curtain's up so get dressed in your finest, go out for dinner in Ginza and end this night with a performance at Kabukiza.



Fancy is as fancy does in Tokyo's classiest district.

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari

Reclaim the lost art of bathing naked with strangers in the nation’s capital of Tokyo.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park

Out of all the parks in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park has the most character; equal parts beautiful, quirky and just plain odd.

Rainbow Bridge

The now iconic Rainbow Bridge was built to be a symbol of Tokyo, but who’d have thought it would do its job so well?

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

Turning 100 years old in 2017, this much-loved park is one of the city's greenest getaways.



Great coffee, fine food and boutique shopping at this riverside hipster haven.

Mori Art Museum

A roster of world-class exhibitions make this sky-high art museum one of Japan’s best.

Harajuku Cat Street

Despite its name, the trendiest street in Tokyo has nothing to do with cats.

Tokyo Shiki Theatres

The Lion King, Wicked, West Side Story, Cats: See the best of Broadway right here in Japan.


Just desserts in this sweet-toothers paradise.


Life in the chicest slow lane imaginable.

Yanaka Tokyo


For a charming glimpse of yesteryear.

Devil Craft Hamamatsucho

The best pizza in town?



Where geisha and France rendezvous over some of the city's finest cuisine.

Marion Crepes

A visit to Harajuku is not complete without a visit to this crepe stand - the first ever in Tokyo.


See why Kichijoji is regularly voted the best place to live in Tokyo.


Find your lucky red underwear at this Yamanote Line stop - affectionately dubbed "Grandma's Harajuku."


Hama-rikyu Gardens

Get a refined taste of a traditional Edo garden without having to brave the crowds of the Imperial Palace.


Hidden local charm along the Meguro River


Tokyo's terminal of good luck, great blessings and even greater beer.


Annyeonghaseyo. You've reached K-Town.


Students, shopping and Astro Boy in what's probably the best-named stop on the Yamanote Line.


Tokyo's most educated neighborhood.

Waterfall Climbing Adventure in Okutama

Experience a uniquely Japanese outdoor adventure in this stunning valley less than 30 minutes from central Tokyo.

Nippori Station

Exploring the fabric of time at a Tokyo hub station.

A One-Day Tour of Tokyo’s Suginami Ward

Go west off the beaten path to experience the quiet wonder of everyday Japan with this special itinerary.

Komagome Station

Your gateway to the Yamanote line’s garden paradise.

Samurai Museum

Experience the samurai life while out and about in modern-day Shinjuku


Just one train stop from Tokyo station, with plenty of hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants


Go green at some iconic Japanese gardens right around the corner from one of the city's buzzing business areas.



Yurakucho (literally translating to “there is fun in this town”) is not kidding around when it comes to the namesake.


Even with a traditional flair, this Tokyo ward is all about relaxing and refreshing


Time to reflect: Discovering the quieter side of the Yamanote line stops.


Okachimachi means no disrespect.

Osaki Station

Urban sprawl has never looked so elegant.


A travel hub with a split personality and easy access to both Tokyo airports.


Ikebukuro’s quiet backstreets offer a convenient respite accented with warm sake.

Ogasawara Islands

Ogasawara Islands

Take a ship from Tokyo to swim with dolphins, snorkel and scuba

Tokyo Station

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, travelers can get pretty much anywhere from Tokyo station.

A view from the tracks. Shimbashi, Tokyo.


Brilliantly bayside with access points to the best of Tokyo.

Tabata Station


Get inked and bring home a part of Tokyo’s historically artsy neighborhood.

Tamachi Station


Slurp some soba in central Tokyo.

ueno park cherry blossom


Access to Ueno Park, lots of lovin' and Tokyo street performers.

Niijima Island

Habushiura Beach

Check out a surfing competition while sunbathing

Ikebukuro Anime Walking Tour

Hit all the right spots on this walking tour of Ikebukuro's emerging anime scene.

Edogawa Goldfish Festival

Where that goldfish festival game came from?

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Must-see: A 2,200-ton bluefin tuna tank.

edogawa fireworks fest

Edogawa Fireworks Festival

A display to rival the Sumida River Fireworks.

Mandarake At Nakano Broadway

Off, Off, Off Broadway: Trinket-size collectibles for a huge pop culture fix.

Kasai Rinkai Park

A day trip with serious ferris wheel action.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

Kawaii Monster Cafe

A mystifying must for tourists in the wild and crazy Harajuku.


Hey! Ho! Let’s go explore Tokyo’s former punk hood.

Izu Islands

Everything "Izu" alright in this paradise accessible from Tokyo.

Yurakucho & Ginza Antenna Shops

Tasty tripping around Japan without leaving Tokyo.


The feel-good nostalgia of retro Tokyo.

Indoor Survival Games

Get ready to unleash your inner Rambo.

Hollow Point

Now, this is a shot bar!

Koenji Awa Odori Festival

Bright costumes, thousands of dance moves and bone-rattling drums will leave you in a trance.

Tokyo Metro Museum

Get to know the wonders of Tokyo’s extensive subway system up close and personal.

Sumida Aquarium

Discover the aquatic life of Tokyo’s more-than 200 Islands. Yup, you heard that right!


Sengaku-ji Temple

Dishonor and retribution: The final resting place of the 47 Ronin (masterless samurai).

Comiket (Comic Market)

Step aside San Diego Comic Con! Japan’s bi-annual comic market is worth planning your trip around.

Hama-no-yu (Motomachi Hama Hot Spring)

A mixed-gender onsen on an island — just a few hours from Tokyo.

kameido tenjin shrine

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

Let the scent of chrysanthemums take you back in time.


Find out what's beyond the history of the famous fish market.


Welcome to the bohemian ‘hood where Tokyo's cool kids gather.

Tori-no-Ichi: Festival of the Rooster

The old town of Asakusa comes alive every November with this unique and visually stimulating 3-day festival.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Make sure you’re wearing waterproof slickers!


Rock concerts, the Dinosaur Bridge, exotic plants, and a piece of history that inspired Godzilla are all within reach in this area near Tokyo Disneyland.

VR (Virtual Reality) Park Shibuya

Transport yourself to another world from Tokyo!

Todoroki Valley autumn

Todoroki Valley

Setagaya’s secret slice of nature.

Yurei Bar

Take a journey to the underworld and have a bite at Tokyo’s quirky ghost bar!

Eagle Tokyo

Tokyo's first "Brooklyn-style" bear bar in the rowdy Shinjuku Ni-chome welcoming guests from all over the world!

Tokyo Closet Ball

A monthly & foreigner-friendly drag show.

Shibuya Home Bar

Bored of Shinjuku?

Anamori Inari Shrine

The fox shrine in Tokyo.

Restaurant Tohoku Bokujo

Make it an overnight stay for the one-of-a-kind wild plants buffet.

Aisotope Lounge

Party in style at the largest gay club of Ni-chome.


Visit the historic heart of Edo-Tokyo, home to Japan’s oldest department store, the famous bridge with the country’s Kilometer Zero point, and much more.

Ueno Park

More than your average city park.

Tokyo University Art Museum

Nearly 30,000 pieces of art right by Ueno Park.

National Museum of Nature and Science

From prehistoric times to now.


Western Tokyo has Hello Kitty Land and the city's biggest zoo.

Pokemon Cafe lead 2

Pokémon Cafe


Okumalt in Ni-chome.


Where literary chic meets gayborhood bar.

Tokyo National Museum

Gateway to Asian cultures...

MariCar Go-Karting

Let’s-a-go on the Japan circuit.

super potato 2

Super Potato

*Zelda chest opening music*



This Tokyo district's biggest claim to fame is that Japanese animation production was born here.

Dancers in Nihonbashi in October.

Nihombashi-Kyobashi Festival

Just in case you missed the summer festivals.

Shitamachi Museum

Shitamachi Museum

Journey into Tokyo’s forgotten past, before it became a modern Metropolis.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Japan's first public art museum.


Party till dawn at this Ni-chome lesbian hangout.

TRP 2019 main

Urue Bar

For ladies only!

Climb lesbian bar


Sing your heart out at this cozy lesbian bar in Ikebukuro!


A night out in Shinjuku Ni-Chome with some rowdy queens.

Rockabillly Gang Men Jeans Twist Dance Yoyogi Park


Chilled-out picnics, samurai, iconic food and street performers.

Auguste Rodin's The Gate of Hell outside The National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, Tokyo.

The National Museum of Western Art

The Gate of Hell via Ueno.

HEY Arcade Akihabara

HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard)

A hardcore gamer’s den in Akihabara.

Rainbow Burritos in Shinjuku Ni-chome.

Rainbow Burritos

Tokyo's best burritos 🌯.

Shinjuku Dialogue

An LGBT cafe and bar specializing in queer inclusivity.

New Sazae Disco Bar in Shinjuku Ni-chome

New Sazae

Boogie on down at this intimate disco club in Shinjuku. 🕺

Shinjuku Building

A hip community of LGBT-friendly cafes, bars, and galleries all under one roof.

Teamlab borderless Mori Digital Art Museum Odaiba, Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless

Watch as interactive art projections come to life right before your eyes at the world’s first digital art museum.

Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Epic fireworks with equally as epic crowds. 🎆

The Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Meguro Parasitological Museum

You may never eat sushi again after visiting this creepy-crawly museum.

Unko Museum Odaiba, Tokyo Poop Museum Japan

Unko Museum Odaiba

The poop on Tokyo's permanent poo museum.

Gotoku-ji Cat Temple in Setagaya

Gotoku-ji Temple

You’ve probably seen the thousands of cat statues at this Tokyo temple in photos, but seeing in person is believing.

Vegan Store in Asakusa, Tokyo Japan

Vegan Store

This vegan shop and cafe in the heart of Tokyo is the thing of our #dairyfree dreams.

Capcom Store Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan

Capcom Store Tokyo

The Devil May Cry when he sees this awesome store dedicated to all things Capcom.

Nintendo Store in Shibuya Tokyo Japan

Nintendo Store

Thank you, Mario! For once our princess isn't in another castle, she's right here in Tokyo.

Pokemon Center Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan.

Pokémon Center Shibuya

Grab your pokeballs, a wild Mewtwo has appeared in Tokyo.

Other Destinations in Kanto

Kujukuri Beach Chiba Prefecture


There’s a lot more to Japan’s international gateway than you might expect.

Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma Prefecture Japan


Within toe-dipping distance of Tokyo, Gunma's onsen haven is the perfect bathing escape.

Fukuroda Falls, Ibaraki


Full of interesting sights, Ibaraki prefecture should natto be underestimated.

Yokohama is Tokyo's chic and cosmopolitan neighbor.


Kanagawa offers much more than just a convenient location.

Flower-viewing at Hitsujiyama Park, Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture


If you’re looking for a no-hassle escape from the city, Saitama is the place to run to.

Lake Chuzenji (Chuzenjiko, 中禅寺湖) near Nikko in Japan. Photographed on a beautiful still morning in autumn at sunrise.


Hear Tochigi, see Tochigi, speak (about) Tochigi.

This Month’s Top Spots

Nagoya, Japan city skyline, Aichi Prefecture


Aichi prefecture is the dynamic capital of Japanese industrialization.

People eating and drinking in Yurakucho Tokyo Japan.


From glittering skyscrapers to rickety ramen shacks, Tokyo is a dazzling mix of the ultra modern and traditional.

Tap into Tokyo’s Manga and Anime Scene

Tokyo, Japan - August 1, 2015: Crowds pass below colorful signs in Akihabara. The well known electronics district specializes in the sales of video games, anime, manga, and computer goods.


Ah, Akihabara. Where to even begin? Electric town. Cool Japan. Anime Center. Themed cafes. The list is...

Manhole cover in Ghibli museum, Tokyo-Japan.

Ghibli Museum

A whimsical wonderland that is heartbreakingly charming.