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Where scenery is the order of the day

Shiga prefecture is so full of scenic views you’ll feel as though you’ve tripped and fallen into a postcard.

  • Shiga Prefecture's Lake Biwa is one of our Top 10 Travel Destinations For 2020!
Forming a mountainous ring around the vast and majestic Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture is all about enjoying beautiful scenery. Most of the prefecture’s attractions are centered around the lake, where you’ll find great hiking and water sports.

Shirahige Shrine, Shiga

Photo by: @ecergzl The torii of Shirahige Shrine sitting in Lake Biwa is one of the prefecture’s most famous spots.

Temples, one of Japan’s most well-preserved feudal castles, a spectacular art museum, and a charming artisanal glassware industry aren’t far away. It’s an easy day trip from Kyoto prefecture though it’s worth staying longer to pay respect to the ‘mother lake’.

Lake Biwa, Hikone Castle, and other highlights

The capital of Shiga is Otsu which sits on the shores of Lake Biwa. From Otsu, you can board an American paddle-wheel boat for a cruise around the lake in the daytime, or take a nighttime sightseeing boat to see the lake’s fountains light up. Cycling is also a popular way to enjoy Lake Biwa—you can make a loop of either a section or all of the lake, stopping off at the sights on the way.

Ishiyama-dera Temple in Japan

Ishiyama Temple in Otsu City is quite scenic in autumn!

Most of the scenic spots from the Omi Hakkei, a dominant theme across Japanese art, are found in the city. Mii-dera and Ishiyama-dera temples are nearby. The latter has good views of the lake and claims to be the spot where Lady Murasaki wrote The Tale of Genji.

Cross to the other side of the lake to see the Miho Museum, an architectural vision designed by I.M. Pei which displays art from the Shumei Family art collection. Heading north you’ll reach Hikone and the impressive Hikone Castle.

Hikone Castle is the prime place for cherry blossom viewing in Sping!

In summer, nearby Matsubara beach hosts the International Birdman Rally where participants compete to fly the furthest off a jetty in their homemade flying machines. Next door is Nagahama, known for its glass industry showcased throughout the town.

If you’re in Shiga for more than a day, hiking should definitely be on the menu. Choose from the Ibuki Mountains, the Hira Mountains, the Shigaraki Mountains and the Suzuka Mountains. After you can wash it down with a trip to the Kirin Beer Factory to taste their world famous Suntory brew.

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Places to visit

Chomei-ji Temple in Shiga, Japan.

Chomei-ji Temple

The secret to long life turns out to be 808 precarious stone steps and a beautiful view of Lake Biwa.

Mount Hiei between the Kyoto and Shiga, Japan

Mount Hiei

Tradition meets history and natural beauty on Kyoto’s sacred mountain.

Hikone Castle

Tradition and gumption.

Otsu City

Otsu is host to some of Japan’s most beautiful views. Just a short day trip from Kyoto, it's worth a visit.

Enryaku-ji Temple

A mountainside temple with a splash of mystery and stunning autumn leaves.

Ishiyama Temple

A secluded paradise with much historic and literary significance not too far from Kyoto.

Omi Maiko Beach on Lake Biwa

Omi-Maiko Beach

A beautiful beach on the shores of Japan's most famous lake.

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Meoto Iwa Rocks in Mie, Japan.


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Deer at Nara Park in Japan


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Osaka, Japan skyline at Osaka Castle Park, Osaka Prefecture


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Nachi, Japan at the pagoda of Seigantoji and Nachi no Taki waterfall, Wakayama Prefecture


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Manhole cover in Ghibli museum, Tokyo-Japan.

Ghibli Museum

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