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Ryukyu Islands
Largest City


Japan's tropical island paradise

Discover white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, wild jungles, and centuries of unique native traditions.

Japan’s Okinawa region is a total of 113 islands that stretch from Kyushu’s southern tip towards Taiwan. Considered the country’s own little Hawaii, the prefecture offers a remote yet accessible getaway that deserves Bora Bora-levels of holiday brochure stardom. It has some of the world’s best scuba diving, gorgeous hiking, acclaimed music, and a distinct food culture centered around medicinal ingredients that sustains Japan’s longest-living citizens.

The Ryukyu Kingdom

"Naha City. Traditional dance performers make their way down "Kokusai St." (International St.) during a local festival."

Okinawa has its own unique history and culture that is different from mainland Japan.

Okinawa is distinct from the rest of Japan. Once known as the Ryukyu Kingdom, the archipelago was annexed by Japan through military incursion in 1872. Today, Okinawans are known for their warmth and expressiveness, while the vibe of the islands is relaxed and friendly. It also happens to be the birthplace of karate.

9 Superstitions from Okinawa

Islands see record numbers of domestic tourists from mainland Japanese visit every year for some much-needed rest and relaxation from city life.

There are three major island groups: the central Okinawa Islands, the Miyako Islands, and the Yaeyama Islands. Most visitors will arrive in Okinawa via Naha, the prefectural capital, which mainly functions as a transport hub and home away from home for the nearby U.S marine bases. The popular Kerama Islands are easily accessible as a day trip from Naha.

Miyako and Yaeyama Islands

Sea Turtle in Okinawa, Japan.

Experience world-class scuba diving.

To access the Miyako and Yaeyama Islands, you’ll need to fly, but the extra journey out is worth the effort. The Miyako Islands are about 300 kilometers south of central Okinawa and boast many of Japan’s best beaches, such as Maehama.

Nearby Yaeyama is home to incredible coral reefs. Here, you’ll find manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and underwater ruins. It makes for some of the world’s best snorkeling and scuba diving.

Plan your trip to Okinawa with the links below!


9 Superstitions from Okinawa

With a unique history, subtropical climate, and the beautiful surrounding ocean, Okinawa is must see part of Japan. Learn more about the weird and wonderful superstitions that contribute to their unique culture.


Places to visit

Taketomi Island

Taketomi Island (Taketomijima)

Ride a water buffalo and learn about Okinawa’s Ryukyu culture

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

From the shallowest waters to the ocean’s deep, learn about sea life at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Miyakojima Okinawa Irabu Bridge


Island dreamin’ on Okinawa’s fourth-largest island.

5 Famous Foods You'll Find in Okinawa - Goya Chanpuru

Ishigaki Island, Okinawa


An island-hopping hub perfect for diving, snorkeling, and hiking.

Habu Encounter at Okinawa World

Habu Encounter at Okinawa World

Get up close and personal with Okinawa’s most dangerous snake.

Uwaga Jungle night trekking in Okinawa World

Uwaga Jungle Night Trekking at Okinawa World

Take a walk on the wild side.


Fly south to Okinawa’s sun-kissed capital for the perfect vacation.

8men Okinawa

Naha’s LGBT nightlife options near Kokusai Dori may be few but are never boring.

Naminoue Beach

Need a quick dip while in Naha? This is the only beach you can swim at while in the main city of Okinawa.

American Village

A slice of the States in the heart of Okinawa.

Nago Pineapple Park

Okinawa: Island of sun, brilliant beaches and… all-you-can-eat pineapples!


The "heart" of Okinawa.

Ryugujo Butterfly Garden

What does one wear on a date with a butterfly!? Red. Red and lots of perfume...

Umikaji Terrace

Naha’s own version of Santorini.

The Shuri Castle in Okinawa, Japan was a capital of Ryukyu kingdom.

Shuri Castle

The castle of dragons.

A guardian shisa lion dog, on the roof of an Okinawan home.

Tsuboya Pottery Street

The 330-year-old center and symbol of Okinawan pottery.

Pedestrians and traffic on International Street. The street is the main thoroughfare and entertainment district of the city.

Kokusai Dori (International Street)

Get your eat/shop/drink on.

Other Destinations in Kyushu

Dazaifu shrine in Fukuoka prefecture


Fukuoka Prefecture isn't just about partying, but it's a good place to start.

Kagoshima, Japan with Sakurajima Volcano.


Traditional, tropical, mystical, and magical; Kagoshima is nothing short of extraordinary.

Mount Aso Kumamoto


Between the smoking crater of Mount Aso in the east and the isolated islands of Amakusa in the west, Kumamoto has plenty to keep you enthralled.


The mountains and coasts of Miyazaki are calling.


Looking out east, Nagasaki Prefecture has long been the gateway between the outside world and Japan.

Beppu, in Oita prefecture, Japan's onsen town


Bathe in hell (in a good way) in onsen-filled Oita.


Kyushu's smallest prefecture is big on history, culture and natural beauty.

This Month’s Top Spots

Nagoya City Aichi Park


Aichi prefecture is the dynamic capital of Japanese industrialization.

Tokyo Skyline Japan Tokyo Tower


From glittering skyscrapers to rickety ramen shacks, Tokyo is a dazzling mix of the ultra modern and traditional.

Tap into Tokyo’s Manga and Anime Scene

Tokyo, Japan - August 1, 2015: Crowds pass below colorful signs in Akihabara. The well known electronics district specializes in the sales of video games, anime, manga, and computer goods.


Ah, Akihabara. Where to even begin? Electric town. Cool Japan. Anime Center. Themed cafes. The list is...

Manhole cover in Ghibli museum, Tokyo-Japan.

Ghibli Museum

A whimsical wonderland that is heartbreakingly charming.