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Largest City


Sunshine and Peaches

If you'd like to experience charming rural living straight out of a picture book, Okayama is for you.

Nicknamed the land of sunshine, Okayama in the Chugoku region looking out towards the island of Shikoku. The Seto-Ohashi bridge arches over five islands in the Seto Inland Sea, linking Kojima in Okayama to Kagawa in Shikoku. From this impressive showcase of modern engineering, you can enjoy spectacular views of Mount Washu or enjoy a boat cruise from the port.

Okayama’s mascot is the popular folkloric hero Momotaro or Peach Boy, and for a good reason. It’s the best place in all of Japan to eat peaches in a seemingly endless variety of forms. You’ll find Momotaro everywhere in Okayama from the moment you arrive at the Okayama Momotaro Airport.

Okayama City

The Crow Castle.

Home to Okayama Castle and Koraku-en Garden, the prefectural city where nature and history mix in the most picturesque ways. Okayama Castle is most notable for its black exterior and has been given the nickname the “Crow Castle.” Koraku-en Garden, on the other hand, is noted as one of Japan’s three most beautiful gardens.

Another feature of Okayama is that Peach Boy motifs are found everywhere, recounting the story of his victory over a people-eating demon that once terrorized the prefecture.

Those looking for an easy rural getaway can arrange a stay in one of the Okayama International Villas located in picture-perfect rural hamlets designed to boost tourism. They’re great value for money, and you can get a glimpse of Japanese rural living while you explore the surrounding region.


Kurashiki Okayama

Cruise along the canal.

Kurashiki is a traditional Edo merchant town best viewed from the small wooden gondolas that cruise the koi-filled canals running through the old quarter. Nowadays, the interiors of the buildings have been repurposed into commercial spaces like cafes. The Ohara Museum of Art in the center of town was Japan’s first-ever museum of western art. It features an impressive collection of European 20th century pieces.

Hot Springs and Nature

A dairy farm and the three peaks of Mount Hiruzen, a popular spot in Okayama.

Drive around the mountains within the prefecture and prepare to stumble onto places like Yubara Onsen which has mixed-gender outdoor hot springs, or Kibiji, to see the ancient burial mounds. There are peach and grape-picking in the many farms. Stop for a fruit parfait (or several) during your travels.

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What to eat in Okayama

Surf n' turf, peaches, and Momotaro's favorite snack, kibidango, of course.


Places to visit

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

The only mountain castle in Japan that still boasts an original castle tower.

Saidoji Temple

Saidoji Temple

Walk through a path of more than 70 stunning white gates at Saidoji Temple

Hiruzen Kogen Highlands

Enjoy scenic views, outdoor adventures and gourmet delights, topped off with a relaxing soak in its famous hot springs.

Kibi Plain

Cycle your way through the tale of Momotaro the peach boy!

5 Famous Foods You’ll Find in Okayama

From surf and turf to Peach Boy’s favorite snack. Yum!

Kojima Jeans Street

Where Japan-made jeans were born and an ultra funky shopping experience awaits.

Okayama Castle and Korakuen Garden

In the dialect of Okayama — “Koke! (Come here!)" — and travel into the past.

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