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Largest City


Honshu's sake country

The rice is right in Niigata, where there's skiing in winter, festivals in summer and sake all year round.

Benefiting from the heaviest snowfall on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Niigata is known for its top-notch winter resorts featuring long gondolas and historic hot springs, like Tsubame Onsen. But the snow also blesses the prefecture with another famous attraction — rice.

When spring comes, the snow melts, bringing nutrient-rich water from the mountains down to the paddy fields and creating the perfect conditions for some of the fluffiest grains you’ll ever taste. Of course, where there’s rice, there’s also sake (rice wine), and happily, the prefecture has plenty of opportunities to sample the national drink; you can drink it, eat it and even bathe in it.

From Tokyo, it’s a fast and cheap bullet train to the enormous JR Echigo-Yuzawa station, which has its own onsen and sake tasting bar.

Niigata City

Niigata Sake

Raise your glass for a kanpai (cheers) with Niigata’s quality sake.

Niigata City is the bustling prefectural capital, split in two by Japan’s longest river, the Shinanogawa, and bordered by Japan’s Sea. Stock up on fresh seafood and premium rice. Taste the difference and enjoy the enormous range of locally brewed sake (there are 100 breweries in the city).

Similar to Oktoberfest, but for sake, the city celebrates Sake-no-jin in March. Visitors can sample more than 500 types at the fair and enjoy performances, seminars and other sake related entertainment.

Sado Island

Sado Island

Glide through the water in style.

Just across the water from Niigata city is Sado island, reachable with a one-hour jetfoil or two-hour ferry. A former place of exile for political dissidents, nowadays its mountains, beaches and delicious persimmons attract crowds of urban escapees.

Divided into five main areas, each part of the island offers an entirely different experience. A must-try attraction on the island would have to be the Hangiri or (washtub boats) in Shukunegi. For any Studio Ghibli fan, riding a Hangiri will make you feel like you’ve spirited away as you explore the shoreline around Ogi Peninsula.

In August, you can catch the Earth Celebration, a music and arts festival hosted by the famous Kodo Drummers.

Naeba Ski Resort

Naeba Ski

Naeba’s autumn colors in full force

In the winter, Naeba’s slopes are the starting point for the world’s longest gondola, which links four ski resorts across the mountains and some of the season’s highest quality powder.

Another big festival is Fuji Rock, a three-day international music extravaganza that draws more than 100,000 people to the scenic ski resort of Naeba in late July. It’s a huge event, with several stages featuring foreign and Japanese acts, as well as fantastic food, workshops, a fairground and surprisingly clean toilets.

Plan your trip to Niigata with the links below!

Places to visit

Imotori Pond

Imori Pond

Check out one of Japan’s top 100 mountains reflected on Imori Pond.

Lake Hyoko

Lake Hyoko

For birdwatchers and nature lovers, Lake Hyoko is one of the top spots in Niigata Prefecture.

Teradomari Street Market

Teradomari Street Market

For fresh catches from the Sea of Japan, head to Niigata’s Teradomari Street Market!

Jade beach

Jade Beach

A perfect summer destination where the mountain meets the sea, and the beaches are dotted with colorful pebbles.

Sado Island in Niigata

Sado Island

A little nihonshu, nature and... De Niro? Plus taiko drums!

Saishoji Temple in Niigata, Japan.

The Mummy at Saisho-ji Temple

The oldest Buddhist mummy in Japan.

Tsubame onsen in Niigata, Japan is tattoo-friendly

Tsubame Onsen

Refresh in this hot spring village with secluded outdoor hot baths that even include a mixed-gender bath.

Sado Island Earth Celebration

Every August, it's the beautiful island's main event: A post-hippie island drum fest.


A little village with big things happening: Lantern festies and a hike the height of Tokyo SkyTree.

5 Famous Foods You’ll Find in Niigata

There's more here than rice! These goodies don’t just taste good; they leave you with a good feeling.

Lovers Point in Niigata

Declare your undying love — or just enjoy the view.

Tokamachi Snow Festival

Sippin' sake and seeing snow sculptures at Japan’s original snow festival.

Niigata Manga Animation Museum

Niigata Manga Animation Museum

Learn the secrets of manga creation.

Take a dip in this piping hot outdoor bath at Hinanoyado Chitose.

Matsunoyama Onsen

Where the snow is heavy and the hot springs are extra hot.

Echigo Yuzawa

Join the pilgrimage to the snow mecca on Japan’s main island!


Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

When art meets nature and stays there for a while... Only every three years!

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

One of Japan’s Top 3 displays.

Senkakuwan Bay

Feed seagulls while you admire Sado Island’s rugged coastline.

Takada Park

Find out the reason why this park is one of Japan’s Top 3 cherry blossom viewing spots.

Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort

As GaijinPot’s 2018 top destination — this hot spring and ski resort is a sporty spot in the beautiful Niigata Prefecture.

Hokusetsu Sake Brewery

Rice wine matured with music? This is what sake dreams are made of...

Echigo Hillside Park

Get lost in this huge flower haven twice the size of Tokyo's Yoyogi Park with festivals and events in every season.

Sado Island Taiko Center (Tatakokan)

Experience taiko drumming for yourself on Niigata's famous island.

Sanjo Kaji Dojo (Blacksmith Workshop)

This location is in Niigata Prefecture —  GaijinPot Travel’s No. 1 place to visit in 2018!  The Japanese are well-known for their serious and meticulous work attitude. Visitors to Sanjo Kaji Dojo (Blacksmith Workshop) can...

Bijin Bayashi Forest

A ballroom of ladies veiled in the silhouettes of century-old beech trees.


From sake vending machines to sake baths, immerse yourself in Niigata’s famous produce from 3 convenient locales.

Akasakayama Park

As you gaze into the intricate layers of trees, hold tight to your green tea. This park has way more in store than your average green space.

Myoko Kogen

Just looking for a day on the ski slopes then a dip in the hot springs? Myoko’s got nine ski resorts and seven hot springs waiting for you.

Naena Falls in Niigata.

Naena Falls

A recommended nature spot in any season, plus the Japanese tradition of "flowing noodles."  

Kiyotsu gorge

Kiyotsukyo Gorge

Massive lava rock formations surround you, as you tunnel your way to the best panoramic view.


If you're a looking to do a little of everything — from traditional festivals to spiritual mountain hikes to trying out a sake flight — get here.

Niigata Rice Terrace

Hoshitoge Rice Terrace

With the sunrise, it becomes a fairytale.


Mount Yoneyama

A spiritual hike up Niigata’s guardian of prosperity.

Sado Island’s Tarai Bune Rides

A boating experience straight out of a ‘Spirited Away’ scene

Other Destinations in Chubu

Nagoya City Aichi Park


Aichi prefecture is the dynamic capital of Japanese industrialization.

Echizen Ono Castle in Fukui, Japan.


Discover dinosaurs and the art of Zen in fossil-filled Fukui!

Traditional street in Takayama, Gifu prefecture


Scenic Gifu prefecture is a rewarding stopping point on the way from Kanto to Kansai.

Hatago Iwa Rock Ishikawa Noto Hanto


Rich cultural heritage, great seafood and some stunning coastal scenery.

Monkeys bathing in the onsen in Nagano


World-class winter sports, hot springs (occasionally monkey-filled), delicious local food and a foreigner-friendly vibe.

Mountain Fuji and Shimizu City in Shizuoka, Japan.


It's resorts galore in serene Shizuoka.


Majestic mountains, tall dams, traditional villages and walls of snow.


Pack a prized Yamanashi piece of fruit in your camping bag and head for the hills.

This Month’s Top Spots

Nagoya City Aichi Park


Aichi prefecture is the dynamic capital of Japanese industrialization.

Tokyo Skyline Japan Tokyo Tower


From glittering skyscrapers to rickety ramen shacks, Tokyo is a dazzling mix of the ultra modern and traditional.

Tap into Tokyo’s Manga and Anime Scene

Tokyo, Japan - August 1, 2015: Crowds pass below colorful signs in Akihabara. The well known electronics district specializes in the sales of video games, anime, manga, and computer goods.


Ah, Akihabara. Where to even begin? Electric town. Cool Japan. Anime Center. Themed cafes. The list is...

Manhole cover in Ghibli museum, Tokyo-Japan.

Ghibli Museum

A whimsical wonderland that is heartbreakingly charming.