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Daisendaki Falls

One of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

By Laura Payne

With a height of about 40 meters (over 100 feet), Daisendaki is one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in Tottori Prefecture. Japan’s Ministry of the Environment also named it one of the top 100 waterfalls in the country because of its picturesque two-tiered falls and location in the forests of Mount Daisen.

The waterfall is connected to two hiking trails and a campground, so whether you want to stay overnight or take a day trip, Daisendaki is an accommodating destination.

Hitting the Trails

Daisendaki Falls

Photo by: PIXTA/ くろうさぎ Watch your step!

The shortest trail to Daisendaki starts at Ikkoganaru Campfield. From here, it takes about one hour to reach the falls and about one hour to return. Adults and children as young as elementary school age can be seen hiking this trail, but be prepared for an adventurous trek!

Just before the trail’s halfway point, you must climb down a very steep staircase. A suspension bridge awaits after this, offering views from 30 meters above a ravine. From here you will hike for about another half hour before a sign points you off the main trail to a viewing deck. You can enjoy views of Daisendaki from this deck, or take a short trail down to the falls’ basin, which requires using a chain embedded in the ground to scale the last two meters or so.

For a longer, more challenging hike, you can continue along the main trail instead of returning to the campground right away. This will take you along the Kawadoko Trail, a former pilgrimage route that people from Tottori and other regions once used to reach Daisen-ji Temple. Hiking Kawadoko takes about six hours one way, and leads hikers through Daisen’s forests and up steep slopes.

Soaking in Nature

Daisendaki Falls

Photo by: PIXTA/ HIRO Worth the hike.

At the start of the Daisendaki trail, Ikkoganaru Campfield offers spaces for tent and car camping to those who want to stay overnight in Tottori’s nature. It’s even possible to camp here without bringing your own gear because the site offers rental tents and other equipment for additional fees.

In addition to its proximity to Daisendaki, Ikkoganaru is known for its “nature sauna” facilities. Modeled off of the Finnish tradition, visitors warm up in a tent sauna or wooden sauna before cooling off in a pool, then sitting and relaxing under the sky. Open to day visitors and overnight visitors, the sauna is refreshing after a hike.

Things To Know

Know before you go

For safety reasons, before hiking to Daisendaki or on the Kawadoko Trail, please stop by Ikkoganaru Campfield’s information office to submit a hiking registration form. The main hiking season is from spring to fall, and hiking is not recommended during winter.

Kawadoko Trail can also be accessed via a trailhead near the Daisen National Park Centre (located near Daisen-ji Temple). Starting from this point, hikers can go from the trailhead to Ikkoganaru Campfield—passing Daisendaki along the way. Maps of Kawadoko and other trails can be obtained at the Daisen National Park Centre, and hiking registration forms can be submitted around here as well.

Ikkoganaru Campfield is open from spring to fall and is closed during winter. More information and reservation forms can be found on the camp’s website.

Paying a fee is required to use the campground’s nature sauna facilities. Swimsuits are required to enter the sauna, and it is typically closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

How To Get There


By train

If traveling from outside of Tottori, take the Yakumo Express from Okayama station and alight at Yonago station. Here, you can rent a car and drive to Ikkoganaru Campfield or the Kawadoko trailhead.

A parking lot is available at the campsite, and there is also a small parking area next to the Kawadoko trailhead.

Where To Stay

Sejour Oyama Annex 3rd Building
  • 312-26 Akamatsu, Saihaku-gun Daisen-cho, Tottori, 689-3319 Japan
  • ¥61,600 - ¥123,200
  • 9.6 km
Sejour Oyama Annex 1st Building
  • 1542-86 Tatarado, Saihaku-gun Daisen-cho, Tottori, 689-3317 Japan
  • ¥46,200 - ¥92,400
  • 9.7 km

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