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Scenic ways to get around.

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JR Nishi Oyama Station

JR Nishi Oyama Station

Head to this southern station for good luck and a record-setting destination.

Sunrise Seto

Sunrise Express

Discover rural destinations with Japan’s last regularly-operating sleeper train.

Kyo- Garaku Train

Kyo-Train Garaku

Experience a Japanese traditional setting inside an elegantly decorated train to and from Kyoto and Osaka.


Spacia X

Take a luxurious adventure on the new and rapid Limited Express train to Nikko.

Hanayome Noren Tourist Train

Hanayome Noren Train

Step inside a train gallery of colorful bridal curtain designs while savoring the panoramic view along the Noto Peninsula.

Kansai International Airport

How to get to and from Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Everything you need to know to navigate getting to the city from Kansai International Airport.

Kaka no Kukedo

Kaka no Kukedo Sea Caves

The birthplace of a deity, a place of spiritual limbo and the scenery of the coast.

Ichibata Electric Railway

Ichibata Electric Railway

Access the region’s most famous sightseeing spots and scenic views of Lake Shinji via this beloved local train.

Sunflower Ferry

A relaxing overnight voyage down the Seto Inland Sea all the way to Oita Prefecture.

Resort Shirakami

Resort Shirakami

Covered by the JR Pass, this picturesque train ride takes you on a journey through Japan’s most untouched prefectures.

Guide to using the JR Pass

Visiting Japan but unsure if you need to buy that pricey train pass everyone keeps telling you about? Read on!