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Aizu Sazaedo Temple's

Aizu Sazaedo Temple

Unique temple pagoda in a scenic, historical setting.

Eiheiji temple in Fukui Japan

Eihei-ji Temple

Do a temple stay at the headquarters of Soto Zen Buddhism.

8 Fascinating Spiritual Getaways in Japan

From silent retreats to mountain temple stays, get in touch with your spiritual side while traveling Japan.

Chuson-ji Temple

Chuson-ji Temple

Visit the golden pavilion of the north deep within the mountains of Iwate Prefecture.

Munakata Taisha and the Forbidden Island of Okinoshima

Munakata Taisha and the Forbidden Island of Okinoshima

One of the oldest and most sacred shrines in Japan.

Nakatsumiya Shrine Fukuoka

Nakatsumiya Shrine

An ancient structure with beautiful ocean views.

Hetsumiya Shrine

The first stop of the sacred Munataka Taisha.


A spiritual seaside getaway close to Tokyo with shrines, temples and big buddha.

Best Quiet Day Trips from Nagoya

We can all use some peace and quiet once in a while.

Momotaro Shrine in Aichi Japan

Momotaro Shrine

A visit to this quirky shrine based on the famous Japanese children’s tale will leave you feeling peachy.

Nokogiriyama Hell View

10 Quiet Day Trips from Tokyo

We all need to escape to nature every once in a while.