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Hot springs

Relax a little with one of Japan’s most sacred traditions.

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Shirahone Onsen

Located in Chubusangaku National Park, its unique milky waters and beautiful scenery are worth the trip.  



A premier ski resort nestled in a secluded corner of central Japan.

Kirishima Onsen

Kirishima Onsen

Whether you’re planning a day trip or looking to spend the night, this hot spring town will leave you rested and restored. 

Tamatsukuri Onsen

Tamatsukuri Onsen

One of the oldest hot springs in Japan, and famous for waters that promote beautiful skin.

Ureshino Onsen

Treat yourself and take a dip in a traditional Japanese hot spring in Saga Prefecture

Zao Onsen

Zao Onsen

Making stripping worthwhile since 110 A.D.

Higashiyama Onsen Fukushima

Higashiyama Onsen

Ancient hot springs and geisha entertainment

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