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YOKOHAMA, JAPAN - AUGUST 15, 2015: Yokohama's Chinatown district at night. It is the largest Chinatown in Japan.

Yokohama Chinatown

If you can deal without the Great Wall or the Terracotta Army, then you can get on with your life knowing that there’s a not-so-little slice of China just half an hour away from Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan - June 4, 2015: Retailers busy selling and packing seafood in Tsukiji market. It is the largest fish market in Japan.

Tsukiji Fish Market

A tourist spot it ain’t but this only adds to its fishy charm.

Yokai (Monster) Street

Kyoto’s weirdest street!


You know you're in Japan when...


A neighborhood where Osaka’s lively personality is always on full display.


Life in the chicest slow lane imaginable.

kochi sunday market

Kochi Sunday Market

Fewer tourists, more sashimi and don't forget the citrus!

A man reading inside a small restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo


You better lose yourself.

Dragon Art Kosyuya

The best souvenirs have dragons.

super potato 2

Super Potato

*Zelda chest opening music*

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, Japan


Cool meets commercial in Osaka.