Hiking studded with temples, shrines, bridges and scenic views for all seasons.

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Mount Tenjo & Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

An iconic view, a lovers’ bell, and a vengeful rabbit…

Ice, Wind and Bat Caves of Mount Fuji

Explore the subterranean lava caves of the 'Fuji Five Lakes' area.

Mount Ikoma

A theme park atop a mountain all in Osaka’s backyard.

Takatori Castle Ruins

An imposing fortress on the mountain top.

Mount Atago

Every year, townspeople and tourists alike make a pilgrimage up Kyoto city’s tallest peak.

Senkakuwan Bay

Feed seagulls while you admire Sado Island’s rugged coastline.

Wakasa Temple Tottori


Mountainous and magical.


A little village with big things happening: Fire festies and a hike the height of Tokyo SkyTree.

Cherry blossom on mount yoshino in the morning at nara japan ,toned and color filter nara

Mount Yoshino

Discover the three faces of this mystical mountainous area and popular tourist spot for cherry blossoms.


A quaint stop along the Nakasendo Trail.


Lava trail hiking on an active volcano? Get up close and personal with Kagoshima’s most iconic landmark.