Hiking studded with temples, shrines, bridges and scenic views for all seasons.

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Mt. Fuji, Japan viewed from Chureito Pagoda in the autumn

Mount Fuji

An unforgettable experience to check off your bucket list.

Lake Saiko

In and around this lake, you can see Mount Fuji, visit a thatched-roof village, explore three lava caves, and hike the Jukai Nature Trail.

Mount Kongo

Hiking to the top of Osaka's highest mountain.

The volcanic lake at Mount Kusatsu-Shirane.

Manza Onsen

Hiking in summer; skiing in winter; but the milky, acidic onsen is good year round.

Jodogahama Beach in Iwate.

Michinoku Coastal Trail

Hike alongside the Pacific Ocean and witness the beauty and scars of Tohoku.

Hakkoda Mountains

Powder snow and the bath of 1,000 bathers.


Shirakami Sanchi

Your dream hike awaits!

Mount Jonen

A brisk day hike accessible from Matsumoto.

Yamanobe-no-Michi Trail

Hiking Japan’s oldest road.

The Northern Japan Alps

Unforgettable experiences above the tree-line in one of Japan's most picturesque mountain ranges.

Mount Tenjo & Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

An iconic view, a lovers’ bell, and a vengeful rabbit…