Japan’s beaches are completely underrated.

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Kochi's beautiful bayside experience.

Sandanbeki Cliffs

A secret pirate cave hidden next to Wakayama Prefecture's most iconic beach


A uniquely Japanese experience: Trip to beachy volcanic sand baths!


The "heart" of Okinawa.

Nishiizu and Dogashima-Kaigan Coast

Japan’s unique geography in an untouched paradise with rocky sightseeing.

Nijigahama Beach

Southern Japan's beautiful beach in technicolor.

Izu Islands

Everything "Izu" alright in this paradise accessible from Tokyo.

Yurigahama Beach, Kagoshima.

Yurigahama Beach

Yoron Island’s mysterious ‘phantom’ oasis.

Hakuto Beach

Beach by day, camping by night, plus a shrine dedicated to one famous rabbit

Sea Moss Near Kabuto Rock At Senjojiki

Senjojiki Beach

For wanderers and adventures, this rugged locale is vital.

Niijima Island

Habushiura Beach

Check out a surfing competition while sunbathing