Japan’s beaches are completely underrated.

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Shimoda Coast Beach Japan Izu

Top Beaches in Shimoda

You don't have to travel too far out of Tokyo to find a beach paradise.

10 Destination Beaches in Japan (That Aren’t in Okinawa)

From Kagoshima to Aomori, Japan's beaches are completely underrated.

Aogashima (Reddit) Remote Islands Japan

5 of Japan’s Most Remote Islands and How to Explore Them

Picture Japan. Maybe you imagine the amphitheater of neon noise that surrounds Shibuya’s scramble crossing. Or a glistening temple rooftop poking through a serene morning mist in Higashiyama. Both of these postcard-scapes...


Singing sand and special silk in Kyoto.

Yoron island, Kagoshima

Yoron Island

Little island, big views: Scenic beaches blessed with Okinawa views and Kagoshima culture.

Takenohama Beach

Hidden in Hyogo: A secluded beach just down the way from a famous onsen.

Irago Cape's Lighthouse.


Head out of Nagoya and catch some sea breeze.

Shirahama Beach, Shimoda, Shizuok

Shirahama Beach

Head to the white sand beach closest to Tokyo pronto!


Matsuyama’s citrus island retreat.

Nakatajima Sand Dunes

Move over Tottori — Nakatajima has baby turtles & kite battles.

Naminoue Beach

Need a quick dip while in Naha? This is the only beach you can swim at while in the main city of Okinawa.