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Japan’s pristine nature from mountains to beaches will leave you speechless.

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Utsubuki Park

Utsubuki Park

Travel off the beaten path and experience one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots.

Kannabe Highlands

Kannabe Highlands

Mountain adventures alongside an ancient volcano



With a camping ground, hiking trails, a farm and more, Aburayama has plenty of fun for visitors of all ages.

Tottori Castle

Kyusho Park (Tottori Castle Ruins)

Admire cherry blossoms and avoid large crowds in a park featuring castle ruins, a history museum and a mansion from the 1900s.

Kumobaike Pond

Kumobaike Pond is a must for tourists all year round.

Bihoku Hillside Park

Bihoku Hillside Park

For the best views of seasonal flowers and winter illuminations in Hiroshima.



For seasonal flowers on one side and more than 200 tiny islands on the other, head to the observation deck at Tenkaiho.

Ebino Plateau

Regardless of the season, visitors will have plenty to enjoy as they trek through the volcanic terrain.

Fuji Panorama Resort

Fujimi Panorama Resort

Take a day trip from Tokyo to indulge in skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and more.



A premier ski resort nestled in a secluded corner of central Japan.

Ioki Cave

Ioki Cave

Explore Aki city’s sea cave overrun by over 40 different varieties of fern.