The bright neon lights of dotonbori in Osaka, Japan


A kaleidoscopic vision of neo-Japan.

Lady Killer

Get down at Osaka’s largest and most uninhibited ladies-only club event.

Sone Jazz Bar

The big daddy of Kobe’s jazz scene: An iconic jazz bar in the heart of Kobe, with live performances every night.

Kiyamachi Dori (Street)

When visiting Kiyamachi, don’t miss these often overlooked landmarks. You’ll thank us later.

Shinjuku Ni-chome

There’s more to Shinjuku than the red light district... Enjoy drinks, dancing and discussion in Tokyo’s hoppin’ LGBT district!

Hollow Point

Now, this is a shot bar!

Club Circus

The art of clubbing in the outrageous Osaka.

Sanjo Bridge

Crack open a beer, and chat up the locals.


Hey! Ho! Let’s go explore Tokyo’s former punk hood.


Tokyo's terminal of good luck, great blessings and even greater beer.