Hiking studded with temples, shrines, bridges and scenic views for all seasons.

Mt. Fuji, Japan viewed from Chureito Pagoda in the autumn

Mount Fuji

An unforgettable experience to check off your bucket list.

Laputa Road (Laputa-no-michi)

Drive your own Castle in the Sky on this spectacular stretch of mountain road.

Mount Kurama

Just outside of Kyoto lies this misty mountain paradise.

Sumatakyo Gorge

Make a wish while suspended over dream-like crystal-blue water.


A remote treasure island with a long military history.

Kyoto, Japan - November 22, 2013: Kifune Shrine is a Shinto shrine located at SakyO-ku in Kyoto, Japan


Fine dining in this tranquil forest getaway.

Kiyotsu gorge

Kiyotsu Gorge

Massive lava rock formations surround you, as you tunnel your way to the best panoramic view.

Miyajima Island Cable Car, Japan

Mount Misen

Climb your way to enlightenment.


Autumn has never looked this good.

Iya valley and Kazurabashi vine bridge, Tokushima Prefecture

Iya Valley

Where bountiful hiking meets thrill-seeking.