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Food culture is Japanese culture.

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Teradomari Street Market

Teradomari Street Market

For fresh catches from the Sea of Japan, head to Niigata’s Teradomari Street Market!

Karato Fish Market

Karato Fish Market

For the freshest catches off the Kanmon Strait, browse the stalls at Karato Fish Market.

Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato

Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato

Meet Tottori’s famous dairy cows.

5 Famous Foods You’ll Find in Tottori

Home to beef stock ramen, a myriad of coffee shops and more.

5 Famous Foods You’ll Find in Shimane

Wagyu beef, traditional tea culture and sake brewed by the gods.

Awajishima Fruit No Orchards

Pick the freshest fruits of the season


Greenarium Awajishima

Elevate your fruit-picking experience with a strawberry-themed picnic inside a greenhouse.

Mount Iwate Morioka city scene with buildings and promenade at Katakami river with warm sunset light


Oodles of noodles in this colorful Iwate city.

Best Cafes with WIFI in Nagoya

Best Cafes with WiFi in Nagoya

Stop in at these cafes in between seeing Nagoya Castle and playing with Legos.

Koe Donuts in Kyoto has free WiFi

Best Cafes with WiFi in Kyoto

We love WiFi a latte.

5 Famous Foods You'll Find in Okinawa - Goya Chanpuru