A reflection of Japanese life!

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

One of Japan’s Top 3 displays.

Otaue Rice Planting Festival

It is believed the dancing and music will enhance the vitality of the rice grains.


Naked men at the forgotten city.

Mount Atago

Every year, townspeople and tourists alike make a pilgrimage up Kyoto city’s tallest peak.

Uneme Festival

Though rooted in sorrow, it's a stunning summer festival.

Yamagata’s Ningen Shogi (Human Chess)

A grand battle of human-sized Japanese chess under 2,000 cherry blossoms — a unique event to see while traveling in Tohoku.

Jidai Festival

A journey across 1,000 years worth of Japanese history in Kyoto.


The perfect Hanami hideaway and home to glorious sake.

Sapporo Snow Festival

Join the most popular winter festival in Japan in February.

Koriyama Castle

Romance comes alive.