Japan’s culture is iconic, offbeat, spiritual, yet accessible.

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Hie Jinja Shrine

A shrine with an impressive tunnel of red torii gates and home to Tokyo’s famous Sanno Festival.

Zenko-ji Temple

Walk in darkness on a path to this “secret Buddha” and (maybe) find enlightenment.

Fuji Five Lakes Shiraito Falls Shizuoka

Top 10 Japan Travel Destinations for 2021

The best places in Japan for culture, nature and escape.

Sado Island in Niigata

Sado Island

A little nihonshu, nature and... De Niro? Plus taiko drums!

Top 10 cultural experiences in Japan: Join a matsuri

Top 10 Cultural Experiences in Japan

Whether it's an onsen, cosplay, or sumo, there's an experience waiting for you in Japan.

Fake Food replicas in Japan

Plastic Food Replica Shops in Gujo Hachiman

The birthplace of Japanese plastic food.

Takamine Onsen

5 Secluded Onsen in Japan and How To Discover Them

Leave your world behind to uncover this long tradition that remains sacred in Japan. Most people travel to Japan with a vision that includes “experiencing the real culture.” Yet, they fail to...


You know you're in Japan when...



Good design for a better life on this world-class art island.

Sado Island Earth Celebration

Every August, it's the beautiful island's main event: A post-hippie island drum fest.


Kyoto's rival is a city of as much elegance and historical significance—just more compact.