Japan’s culture is iconic, offbeat, spiritual, yet accessible.

Tokyo, Japan - June 4, 2015: Retailers busy selling and packing seafood in Tsukiji market. It is the largest fish market in Japan.

Tsukiji Fish Market

A tourist spot it ain’t but this only adds to its fishy charm.

Traditional street in Takayama, Gifu prefecture


Get ready for your pants to be charmed right off at this picturesque mountain town.

Yuki City Gallery of Traditional Arts and Crafts

A full immersion weaving experience.

Colorful crepe stand in Harajuku.


Grab something sweet, wear your most outrageous outfit and dive head first into this paradise of the weird and wonderful.

Namahage (Demon) Museum

Unleash all your demons.

Tokyo Shiki Theatres

The Lion King, Wicked, West Side Story, Cats: See the best of Broadway right here in Japan.


And the award for most picturesque scene goes to...


A record-breaking town.

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

Come on ride the shrine, and ride it! ... At the most dangerous festival in Kansai!


Follow the trail of Osaka's iconic landmarks.