Living history.


Fly south to Okinawa’s sun-kissed capital for the perfect vacation.

Hamamatsu Castle

Check out Shizuoka's "Castle of Success."

Kishiwada Castle

A Japanese castle with a garden based on a Chinese story.

Hirosaki Castle

Five ways to view cherry blossoms at northern Japan’s favorite sakura-viewing park.

Koriyama Castle

Romance comes alive.

Gifu City

Home to Japan’s most ancient fishing tradition and a historic castle with sweeping sights of surrounding mountains and greenery, this city could be central Japan’s best kept secret.  

Matsuyama Castle

A fortress revealed... via chairlift!

Matsumoto Castle

One of Japan’s top historic castles that entrances with an elegant moon-viewing room and rare artifacts.


This ancient town in Aichi is home to Japan’s oldest surviving castle and ancient fishing methods.

iwakuni castle

Iwakuni Castle

Yamaguchi's historical masterpiece protected by an unlikely hero.