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Fukuyama Castle

Fukuyama Castle

Considered one of Japan’s top 100 castles, Fukuyama Castle was built at the beginning of the Edo Period.

Karatsu Castle

Karatsu Castle

One of the most iconic features of Saga’s picturesque coastal city

Funai Castle Ruins

Funai Castle Ruins (Oita Castle)

Check out one of Oita City’s best cherry blossom spots at Funai Castle Ruins!

Kyoto Gyoen

Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Park)

Two majestic Imperial Palaces in the center of Kyoto

Maruoka Castle

Maruoka Castle

This Hirayama-style castle features a pentagonal-shaped moat and is incredibly picturesque in the springtime.

Takashima Castle

Takashima Castle

A 400-year-old Japanese castle that once floated on the water of Nagano's largest lake.

Yonago Castle Ruins

A historic site famed for cherry blossoms and panoramic views of Yonago city, Mount Daisen and Lake Nakaumi.

Matsue Castle

One of the best places in Shimane to enjoy cherry blossoms or take in views of Lake Shinji.

Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle

Yamaguchi's historical masterpiece protected by an unlikely hero.

Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima


Samurai history in beautiful surroundings. Don't forget to indulge in some sake on the way.

Iga Ueno Castle in Mie, Japan.

Iga Ueno Castle

A white-walled castle located in the hometown of the ninja.