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Japan’s beaches are completely underrated.

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Yonago Beach

Yonago Beaches

Yonago, a city in western Tottori Prefecture, invites visitors to enjoy various outdoor activities. Nestled between Mount Daisen, Lake Nakaumi and the Sea of Japan, travelers in Yonago can go mountain climbing...



Endless coastal views and a plethora of charming local cafes makes for a perfect day trip from the city.

Jade beach

Jade Beach

A perfect summer destination where the mountain meets the sea, and the beaches are dotted with colorful pebbles.

Ohama Beach

Mountains, coastline and great local eats all tucked away on a serene island getaway.

Miyakojima Okinawa Irabu Bridge


Island dreamin’ on Okinawa’s fourth-largest island.



Beachy volcanic sand baths in Kyushu? Hell yes! 🏖️🌋

Yoron island, Kagoshima

Yoron Island

Little island, big views: Scenic beaches blessed with Okinawa views and Kagoshima culture.

Ishigaki Island, Okinawa


An island-hopping hub perfect for diving, snorkeling, and hiking.

Shimoda Coast Beach Japan Izu

Top Beaches in Shimoda

You don't have to travel too far out of Tokyo to find a beach paradise.

10 Destination Beaches in Japan (That Aren’t in Okinawa)

From Kagoshima to Aomori, Japan's beaches are completely underrated.

Aogashima (Reddit) Remote Islands Japan

5 of Japan’s Most Remote Islands and How to Explore Them

Picture Japan. Maybe you imagine the amphitheater of neon noise that surrounds Shibuya’s scramble crossing. Or a glistening temple rooftop poking through a serene morning mist in Higashiyama. Both of these postcard-scapes...