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Quenching your need for speed and gyoza.

Uwaga Jungle night trekking in Okinawa World

Uwaga Jungle Night Trekking at Okinawa World

Take a walk on the wild side.

Snow Hiking on Mount Fuji

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to climb to the top of snow-covered Mt. Fuji and ski or snowboard down from the summit.

MariCar Go-Karting

Let’s-a-go on the Japan circuit.

Yumeyakata Kyoto

Kimono Yumeyakata

Kimono rental and photo plans for an immersive Kyoto experience.

Shiroi Koibito Park

Heaps of delicious treats and old-world charm can be found in the heart of Sapporo at Shiroi Koibito Park. Shiroi Koibito is the name of a famous European-style biscuit manufactured in Hokkaido....

Pocky Factory

Behold, the Japanese equivalent of Charlie's chocolate works: the Pocky factory.

Tokyo Backstreet Bicycle Tour

Discover the local's Tokyo on this backstreet bike cruising tour.

Snowshoeing Tour in Nagano

Just when you think you’ve seen all that Japan has to offer in the winter, a snowshoeing tour in the epic Japanese Alps comes along.

Waterfall Climbing Adventure in Okutama

Experience a uniquely Japanese outdoor adventure in this stunning valley less than 30 minutes from central Tokyo.

Discover Kansai by Bike

Get on yer bike for a long-distance ride to the next stop on your Japan travel bucket list.