From samurai to parasites, in Japan, there’s a museum for seemingly everything.

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Tokyo National Museum

Gateway to Asian cultures...


Beauty becomes it.

Tokyo University Art Museum

Nearly 30,000 pieces of art right by Ueno Park.

Fushimi Sake District

The second largest brewery district in Japan.

Clematis No Oka (Art Complex)

Modern art, flowers and good ol’ slow food.

Unzen Toy Museum

Nostalgia in Nagasaki.

kyoto manga museum

Kyoto International Manga Museum

Reading retreat: The history of manga at your fingertips.

Kyoto Railway Museum

Neon genesis of trains.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

A testimony to pain and despair where hope lies at the end of a dark journey.


The inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Ponyo on the Sea by the Cliff.’

Tottori sand dunes in Tottori prefecture, Chugoku region

Tottori City

Thanks to the dunes and beachy blowouts, you'll look at sand in a totally new way.