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Maidreamin cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo

Three Maid Cafes in Akihabara

Not all cafes are maid equal.

Bar Gyu+

Warm up with a hot drink after a day of skiing in Niseko.


Shiroi Koibito Park

Where Hokkaido's famous cookies are made.

Ashigakubo icicles, Saitama

Icicles of Ashigakubo

Chichibu’s icy winter wonderland attraction!

Godzilla Head Shinjuku

Where to Find Godzilla in Japan

Oh, no. There goes Tokyo. Everyone has their favorite Godzilla. Whether it’s the prolific and heroic Showa Godzilla, the heel-era Heisei Godzilla, the latest bro-Godzilla from Legendary, or the 1954 OG, you...

Pokemon Center Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan.

Pokémon Center Shibuya

Grab your pokeballs, a wild Mewtwo has appeared in Tokyo.

The Nintendo Store in Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan

Shibuya Parco

Shop til you drop in the heart of Tokyo with Pokemon, Nintendo, Capcom and more!

Nintendo Store in Shibuya Tokyo Japan

Nintendo Store

Thank you, Mario! For once our princess isn't in another castle, she's right here in Tokyo.

Capcom Store Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan

Capcom Store Tokyo

The Devil May Cry when he sees this awesome store dedicated to all things Capcom.

Where to Party for New Year’s in Japan 2019-20

Dance The Year Away The year 2019 brought many new things to Japan, including sexy McDonald’s cups, the abdication of an emperor, and a subsequent new era in the Japanese calendar called Reiwa. All...