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Art & Design

In Japan, almost everything is art.

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teamLab Borderless

Watch as interactive art projections come to life right before your eyes at the world’s first digital art museum.

The Tower Hotel

Some rooms in Nagoya’s The Tower Hotel have a wildly unique feature: structural beams of the tower protrude through the wall and disappear into the floor.

Reborn Art Festival

Reborn Art Festival

Contemporary Art exhibits celebrating the resilience of Tohoku 10 years after the tsunami.

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

See works from artist residencies and exhibitions of Japanese and non-Japanese art

National Noh Theatre

Watch historic Japanese plays with subtitles in a dedicated venue

Shimane Art Museum

A museum featuring 40 exhibits a year and spectacular sunset views of Lake Shinji.

TeamLab: Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest

TeamLab: Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest

A soothing melody echoes through the woods at teamLab’s newest permanent installation in Saitama.

Site of reversible destiny art park in Gifu, Japan

The Site of Reversible Destiny

Get lost and found in Gifu’s massive, mind-bending playground.

Yokai (Monster) Street

Kyoto’s weirdest street!



Good design for a better life on this world-class art island.

Auguste Rodin's The Gate of Hell outside The National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, Tokyo.

The National Museum of Western Art

The Gate of Hell via Ueno.