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Photo By: Tailored Cafe

WiFi? Check. Coffee? Check.

Cafes with Wifi are essential for both travelers and digital nomads alike. These shops have what you need, whether you’re looking for a nice spot for remote work or just to check Facebook. Here are our top picks for the best cafes with WiFi in Tokyo.

Wired Cafe


Hip and modern, the Wired Cafe chain is a saving grace for people who need a casual place to work and relax. It’s super chill and comfortable for digital nomads, tea lovers, or anyone just looking for a slightly westernized cafe. The food here is actually quite good which makes it a nice option for lunch. This is the kind of place that American hipsters would probably frequent in somewhere like San Francisco.

  • Food menu: Everything from chicken and waffles, salads, coffee, and a great selection of tea
  • Power outlets: Available
  • Average Price: ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥650
  • Getting there: There are Wired Cafe branches about a minute walk from Shibuya Station, Shinagawa Station, Ueno Station, and Tachikawa Station
  • https://www.cafecompany.co.jp/brands/wiredcafe

Coffee Valley


You won’t feel out of place working on a laptop at Coffee Valley as that’s what most people come here to do. Find this cozy local shop on a small backstreet of Ikebukuro less than five minutes’ walk from Ikebukuro Station.

It has two floors and a nice minimalist atmosphere. Be warned though, there are limited power outlets available and you may get kicked off the internet if you stay for more than three hours. It gets pretty packed on weekends meaning you may have to wait for a seat, but weekdays are pretty low-key.

  • Food menu: Toast, sandwiches, sweets, awesome variety of coffee
  • Power outlets: Available but limited
  • Average Price: ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥470
  • Getting there: About a five-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station
  • https://coffeevalley.jp

& Roll


All the seats at this spacious and stylish cafe bar are comfy sofas. During the day it has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere, but at night, the store is filled with lively groups of friends who have come to enjoy drinks and tapas.

  • Food menu: Pasta, paella, risotto, pizza, tapas, cakes etc.
  • Power outlets: Available but limited
  • Average Price: ¥900 Coffee: ¥600
  • Getting there: It's a minute walk from the South West Exit of Shimokitazawa Station
  • https://www.androll-group.com/

Cafe Asan


In order to be a “chaotic information space where geeks, office workers, and foreigners can all come together,” Cafe Asan has a variety of fun aspects such as monitors that display Twitter feeds and a hammock seating area by the counter. Their specialty food is the souffle pancake, which is popular for its crispy outside and moist, fluffy texture on the inside.

  • Food menu: Souffle pancakes, chicken curry, BLT, pasta, cakes
  • Power outlets: Available
  • Average Price: ¥500 Coffee: ¥480 (free coffee refills)
  • Getting there: It's a 12-minute walk from the Park Exit of Ueno Station or five minutes on foot from the South Exit of Okachimachi Station
  • http://cafeasan.jp/

Breadworks Tennoz


The Breadworks Tennoz building was originally used as a warehouse and fishermen’s hut, but now it has become a luxurious wide-space waterfront cafe. They have a variety of seating options which include a community table beside their bakery with freshly baked bread on display, and a deli counter.

  • Food menu: Bread, deli food
  • Power outlets: Available but only at counter seats
  • Average Price: ¥850 Coffee: ¥450
  • Getting there: It’s a six-minute walk from the South Exit of Tennozu Isle Station
  • https://www.tysons.jp/breadworks/

Lohas Cafe Ariake


This cafe is located on the Ariake Campus of Musashino University and is casual with a friendly atmosphere. Although the shop is often filled with studying students, Lohas Cafe welcomes all visitors, students, or not. There’s a good amount of communal tables with nice floor to ceiling windows providing lots of natural light.

  • Food menu: Curry, pasta, cakes
  • Power outlets: Available but limited
  • Average Price: ¥750 Coffee: ¥300
  • Getting there: It’s a seven-minute walk from the North Exit of Tokyo Big Sight Station
  • https://www.lohascafe-ariake.net/

Cafe Haus


As a lifestyle-oriented cafe, Cafe Haus represents a living space where you can feel right at home. Various events such as cooking classes and outdoor group activities create a community vibe. One of the first things you’ll notice is the huge windows that wrap around the cafe. High ceilings, lightly stained wooden floors, and a mix of wooden and industrial fixings all add to the “homely” ambiance.

  • Food menu: Steak, pie, stew, burgers, pasta, salad etc.
  • Power outlets: Available but only at couch and counter seats
  • Average Price: ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥450
  • Getting there: It’s a three-minute walk from Exit 2 of Toyosu Station.
  • http://cafehaus.jp/

Tailored Cafe


Having a bad day, with working piling up and need to de-stress? Have an espresso with a shot of CBD oil, make yourself comfortable, and bang out that report at Tailored Cafe. Lightning-fast WiFi, simple decor, and comfortable couches make it a great place to get some work done.

Talking is mostly frowned upon here, so it’s not a particularly great place to meet up with friends, but it’s perfectly quiet for those working remotely or studying. Power outlets are available at almost every seat, too!

  • This cafe does not accept cash
  • Food menu: Toasted sandwiches, sweets, did we mention CBD oil?
  • Power outlets: Available at almost every seat
  • Average Price: ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥450
  • Getting there: It’s a five-minute walk from Akabanebashi Station or eight-minute walk from Azabujuban Station on the Oedo line
  • https://tailoredcafe.jp/



Located in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo’s hipster neighborhood, Tagcafe is the place to go for telework. On most days you can see young people clicking away on MacBooks and scribbling away in actual notebooks, too. It’s totally acceptable to stay here for several hours without being asked to leave. The only thing that may be a slight turn off is the smoke—there will be lots of people smoking so steer clear if that bothers you.

  • Food menu: Cakes, pasta, etc.
  • Power outlets: Available
  • Average Price: ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥650
  • Getting there: It’s a minute walk from the Central Exit of Shimokitazawa Station.
  • https://tagcafe.shop/

National brands if all else fails

If you want something more familiar or just aren’t feeling any of the places on this list, look for some of the more common chain shops below. They typically have Wifi, though you may be limited on the amount of time you can use it. No guarantee on outlets.

  • Starbucks
  • McDonald’s
  • Pronto
  • Tully’s
  • Komeda Coffee
  • Miyakoshiya Coffee
  • Doutor Coffee
  • Ueshimaya Coffee
  • Cafe Renoir
  • Cafe Miyama
  • New Yorkers Cafe

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