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Stop in at these cafes in between seeing Nagoya Castle and playing with Legos.

No matter if you are a digital nomad or a traveler in Japan, access to good and fast WiFi is a must. If you want to get a couple of hours of work in between your explorations of Nagoya, or just need to check in with your family half a globe away, this list of the best cafes with WiFi in Nagoya will help.

The Cups

The Cups is a popular coffee shop with a total of four outlets in Nagoya. They have excellent coffee, which they prepare using different brewing methods, delicious gelato, and other sweets to pair with your coffee. With its modern and photogenic interior, this cafe is a popular spot for working folks.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥1500 Coffee: ¥550
  • Food menu? Selection of coffee, gelato, pastries, light and healthy lunches using local and seasonal vegetables
  • Getting there: You can find The Cups close to Nagoya Station (five-minute walk), Fushimi Station (one-minute walk from Exit D), Yabacho Station (seven-minute walk), and Tenmachcho Station (17-minute walk)
  • Official Website: http://cups.co.jp/

Chikusa Grill

Chikusa Grill was formerly an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) that served Italian and Spanish food. But due to COVID-19, the grill revamped its business, offering the possibility to use its space for telework. Simply order a drink (starting at only ¥350) and you’re free to use the space from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥900 (lunch) to ¥3500 (dinner) Coffee: ¥350
  • Food menu? A mix of Italian and Spanish dishes
  • Getting there: A one-minute walk from Chikusa Station Exit 1, on the Higashiyama Subway Line
  • Official Website: https://c-grill.com/

Wired Cafe

At Wired Cafe, you can enjoy a western-inspired lunch or dinner or simple coffee and some Instagram-worthy sweets while working. Coffee addicts rejoice, a drip coffee refill only costs ¥200, so you can keep ’em coming while you hunker down and type away.

The interior is stylish yet comfortable, and the location on the 12th floor of the JR Gate Tower is perfect to catch up on emails after arriving or before leaving the city. Wired Cafe is a national brand not unique to Nagoya, but it’s always a welcomed sight for those working remotely or just looking for a good old reliable. 

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? No
  • Average Price? ¥1100 Coffee: ¥500
  • Food menu? Rice bowls, pasta, selection of waffles, french toast, parfaits, etc.
  • Getting there: The JR Gate Tower is connected directly to Nagoya Station
  • Official Website: https://www.cafecompany.com/brands/wiredcafe/nagoya/


Located in Sakae district, the glitzy heart of Nagoya, Boncafe has cozy sofa-type seating to sink into while working for a couple of hours. Their lunch and dinner sets consist of a main dish combined with a salad bar and a drink (refills are between ¥200 and ¥400). In the afternoon, cake and other sweet sets are available to provide a quick sugar rush for a couple of more hours of work.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥1400 Coffee: ¥500
  • Food menu? Lunch and dinner sets (pasta or rice dishes) with salad bar and drink, cake, sweets
  • Getting there: A three-minute walk from Sakae Station Exit 2
  • Official Website: https://bon-cafe.jp/


Charlie’s is located conveniently close to Nagoya Station and offers a selection of sandwiches and pastries. It is a great place to get some work done while enjoying a coffee and a light meal. But Charlie’s isn’t only a cafe. It also functions as a select shop with food products from all over Japan and the world. Fair warning, you might be asked to vacate your table after two hours on busy days.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes, but limited
  • Average Price? ¥450 Coffee: ¥500
  • Food menu? Fruit sandwiches, bread, pastries
  • Getting there: Inside the Dainagoya Building directly outside Nagoya Station Exits 1 or 4
  • Official Website: http://www.charlies-i.jp/index.html


Nagonoya is located in the charming and historic Endoji Shopping Street not too far from Nagoya Station. The second floor is a hostel, which is convenient as a base while you explore Nagoya. The cafe is famous for its massive egg sandwiches, but there are other kinds of sandwiches, plate lunches, and original blend coffee on offer.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥800 Coffee: ¥400
  • Food menu? Sandwiches, chicken wings, plate lunches
  • Getting there: Five-minute walk from Kokusai Center Station Exit 2
  • Official Website: https://www.nagonoya.com/cms/english.html

Komeda’s Coffee

The Komeda’s Coffee chain is a typical Nagoya-style café. Makes sense as the brand was born right here in the city! All outlets have the same comfortable red sofa chairs perfect for getting a couple of hours of work done. They pride themselves on their consistently high-quality coffee and freshly baked bread.

If you come by before 11 a.m., you can try their Nagoya Morning service, a free small breakfast (toast and either egg, egg spread, or red bean spread) when you purchase any beverage on the menu. If you are looking for some dessert, don’t miss their signature Shiro Noir (Shiro Nowaru in Japanese), a fluffy danish with soft serve.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Depends on the location
  • Average Price: ¥1000 Coffee: around ¥500
  • Food menu: Nagoya morning service sets, sandwiches, burgers, cakes
  • Getting there: There are Komeda’s Coffee branches close to virtually any station in Nagoya
  • Official website: https://www.komeda.co.jp/index_en.php

Yaba Coffee Shop

Old fashioned and comfortable, you will have no problem concentrating on your work at Yaba Coffee Shop, another classic Nagoya staple. Like Komeda, they also offer a free Nagoya Morning Service with your coffee purchase! You might also want to try their teppan Napolitan pasta, an authentic Nagoya staple dish for lunch. Or maybe you want to try their homemade onigiri made with seasonal and local ingredients.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥500 Coffee: ¥400
  • Food menu? Onigiri, pasta, lunch boxes, cakes
  • Getting there: A three-minute walk from Yabacho Station
  • Official Website: https://central-hld.jp/yaba-coffee/

Royal Garden Cafe

The Royal Garden Café is all about sustainability, low environmental impact, and the local community. It’s evident in everything they do, from the interior design to the delicious dishes they serve. Visit this neighborhood cafe and feel good knowing your money is supporting the local economy and the farmers who provided your delicious meal.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes, but very little
  • Average Price? ¥1100 Coffee: ¥600
  • Food menu? Daily lunch, pasta, salad, hamburgers, steak
  • Getting there: Five-minutes walk from Fushimi Station, located inside the Richmond Hotel
  • Official Website: https://royal-gardencafe.com/nagoya/


If you are looking for some excellent specialty coffee in a stylish setting, you will love Unir. This coffee shop only chooses the highest quality beans roasted to perfection. This kind of specialty coffee is still quite hard to find in Japan, so if you are a coffee connoisseur definitely, check out Unir.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥600 Coffee: ¥400
  • Food menu? Selection of toasts and hot sandwiches
  • Getting there: Two-minutes walk from Marunouchi Station Exit 6 or three-minutes walk from Fushimi Station Exit 1
  • Official Website: https://www.unircoffee-h.com/

Lamp Light Books Cafe

Lamp Light Books Cafe is part of the Lamp Light Books Hotel Nagoya and a fantastic place for bookworms. Everything here revolves around reading, and they even serve sliders that you can eat one-handed while holding your book or reading emails. The best part is that Lamp Light Books Cafe is open 24 hours a day, so if you work best in the quiet hours of the night, feel free to drop by.

  • Wifi? Yes
  • Power Outlets Available? Yes
  • Average Price? ¥400 Coffee: ¥380
  • Food menu? Selection of savory and sweet sliders, sandwiches, and other pastries
  • Getting there: A three-minute walk from Fushimi Station Exit 10
  • Official Website: https://www.lamplightbookshotel.com/en/nagoya/cafe/