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Photo By: Koe Donuts

We love WiFi a latte.

Kyoto is one of the most visited cities for both local and international tourists alike. While exploring the nation’s old capital is fun, there are times where you just want to kick back, relax, and update the ‘gram. Look no further than these cafes with WiFi in Kyoto.

Promenade Cafe

We could all do with a no-frills cafe from time to time. Wifi? Power consoles? Check and check. Promenade Cafe is a coffee chain only within the Osaka and Kyoto area. Offering staple cafe food like sandwiches and toast, it’s a great place to hole out in when you’re short on some yen.

  • Food menu: Sandwiches and pasta
  • Available but limited
  • ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥300
  • It’s a one-minute walk from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station Exit 8
  • http://www.promenade-cafe.com/

Walden Woods Kyoto

Come for the coffee, stay for the playlist. Walden Woods Kyoto uses bleachers set up like an amphitheater instead of stairs and tables but it still proves to be a great place to work especially in the mornings. If you need a table though, you might want to hang out elsewhere.

  • Food menu: Baked goods and pastries
  • Available
  • Coffee: ¥450
  • The cafe is about seven minutes from Exit 5 of Osakacho Station
  • https://walden-woods.com


Ace Cafe

End your day exploring Kyoto with a relaxing evening at Ace Cafe. Open much later in the day, this cafe offers sweeping views of the Kyoto area with free wifi and power outlets available at each table. Unwind with a drink and freshly made pastry by the in-house chef and call it a day.

  • Food menu: Pasta, pizza, cakes
  • Available
  • ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥650
  • From Sanjo Station Exit 1, it’s about a five-minute walk
  • https://acecafe-k.tumblr.com/

Koe Donuts

This stylish donut shop uses locally sourced ingredients to make its generous range of flavors like red shiso and five-colored bean. Take a peek through the floor to ceiling windows to see the glorious donuts on display before being enticed inside. Resist if you can, but we won’t blame you for giving in.

  • Food menu: A variety of donuts
  • Limited
  • Donuts: ¥200 to ¥350 Coffee: ¥500
  • Only a minute’s walk from Hankyu-kyoto Line Kawaramachi Station Exit 9
  • https://www.koe.com/koedonuts/


Ikiteiru is a cafe that means business. Serving up all kinds of coffee by air roasting their coffee beans, this highly rated cafe offers a varied selection of beans at a premium. Enjoy your special brew alongside one of their many delectable pastries. We recommend the cheesecake and coffee jello! Fair warning, the coffee here is strong.

  • Food menu: A selection of pastries
  • Yes, but limited counter seats
  • Coffee: ¥850
  • About three-minutes from Exit 13 of Karasuma Station and four-minutes from Exit 9 or Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station
  • https://ikiteiru.com/

Ikariya Coffee

Spend a slow afternoon at Ikariya Coffee for a break from the busy city. Hidden within the backstreets of Kyoto, this shop is a great local haunt that’s well-loved by tourists and locals alike. They’re rumored to brew one of the best cups of coffee in the whole city and are centrally located near Kyoto Kawaramachi Station. Enjoy the high-quality beans, affordable set menus, and cozy atmosphere.

  • Food menu: Sandwiches, pastries, other baked goods
  • Available but limited to counter seats
  • Food: ¥700 Coffee: ¥500
  • More or less five-minutes from Exit 15 of Karasuma Station
  • https://ikariyacoffekyoto.gorp.jp/

Kisshokaryo Kyoto

Set in a beautifully preserved traditional Japanese house, Kisshokaryo Kyoto is another great option to satisfy your sugar cravings. Dig into some well-loved Japanese sweets such as kakigori (shaved ice with toppings) in summer or wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets).

  • Food menu: Traditional Japanese sweets, parfaits, and shaved ice
  • Limited to counter seats
  • Food: ¥1,300 Coffee: ¥550
  • Approximately a three-minute walk from Exit 16 of Karasuma Station
  • https://kisshokaryo.jp/

Nishiki Ichiha

Located within Nishiki Market, Nishiki Ichiha is every green tea lover’s paradise. Offering all sorts of green tea flavored treats like matcha popcorn alongside more traditional Japanese sweets, it’s a great place for a little breather. Enjoy your dessert with a view of the cafe’s inner garden and traditional Japanese interiors.

  • Food menu: Traditional Japanese sweets and baked goods
  • Food: ¥1,500
  • Located within Nishiki Market, it is about two minutes on foot from Exit 11 of Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station
  • https://nishiki-ichiha.com/

Ogawa Coffee

Sometimes, all you need is an old reliable. Founded in 1952 and known as the “Coffee Artistans of Kyoto”, Ogawa Coffee is a cafe chain that originated in Kyoto. The cafe is famous for its hearty breakfast menu and great coffee. Oh, and did we mention their branches have WiFi?

  • Food menu: Sandwiches, salads, etc.
  • Available on the second floor
  • ¥1,000 Coffee: ¥600
  • It’s about two minutes on foot from Exit 7 of Sanjo Station
  • https://www.oc-ogawa.co.jp/