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Whether you’re into BDSM, role-playing, or something even kinkier, you’ll likely find it in Tokyo. Here are some of the best adult shops in Japan’s capital.

M’s Pop Life


M’s Pop Life is, without a doubt, the most well-known sex shop in Japan. Located in Akihabara, Tokyo’s otaku district, M’s Pop Life is a vibrant seven-floored shopping mall dedicated to all things sexy. Every floor features something different from JAV (Japan adult video), sex dolls, costumes, lingerie, SM gear, vibrators, and more. They have also opened two other shops in Tokyo. One is located in Ikebukuro and the other is in Tachikawa.

Despite all the smut on display, M’s also manages to make shopping for sex toys into a very casual experience (as it should be). Ladies can get a discount on lingerie and costumes if they feel comfortable letting the shop snap a picture of them wearing it and putting it on the wall. The only downside is that M’s has become something of a tourist spot. You’ll sometimes find shocked tourists blocking the aisles trying to take photos of the merchandise. It comes with being the best.

  • Recommended for: Men, women, couples
  • Price range: ¥–¥¥¥¥

Love Merci


M’s isn’t the only adult shop in Akihabara. Otaku enjoy sex too, people. Love Merci is another shop found in Electric Town and is located right on the main street. It’s nearly as big as M’s, but it feels a bit less touristy.

The first two floors cater to women with costumes, lingerie, and vibrators. It makes it easier for ladies to browse without having to go near the extreme stuff like tentacle-inspired onaholes (literally woman holes…you can probably guess what these are used for).

  • Recommended for: Men (women are allowed on the first floor)
  • Price range: ¥¥–¥¥¥¥

Wild One


If you’re looking for the back-alley stuff, head over to Wild One. There are two shops. One is found in Akihabara, but the flagship is in Shibuya (right across from Taco Bell). It’s packed with affordable toys, lubes, and SM gear for beginners and veterans alike.

Wild One is probably most known for Vibe Bar Wild One which is located above the shop. This watering hole, with its penis-shaped doorway, is a shrine to dildos. It’s filled with an inexhaustible supply of them, all varying in different shapes and colors. Keep in mind that men must be accompanied by at least one woman to be admitted. This place is wild, for sure.

  • Recommended for: Women, couples
  • Price range: ¥¥–¥¥¥

Tenga Store


Tenga is the Apple of masturbation toys. They make the most innovative sex toys on the market—both for men and women. Seriously, once you try Tenga’s “Air-Tech” your hands will be regulated to all the boring duties such as…holding stuff. There are a couple of small dedicated Tenga stores found inside the Don Quijote shops of Akihabara and Ikebukuro. The latest is located in the Hankyu Men’s department store near Tokyo Station.

  • Recommended for: Mostly men, but there are items for women
  • Price range: ¥¥–¥¥¥

Don Quijote


Don Quijote (Donki for short) is a popular discount chain store found all over Japan. They are typically huge and maze-like, cramped with everything from house supplies to Gucci bags. There is usually a dedicated aisle for sex toys as well. The selection is always limited, but if you’re nowhere near a dedicated sex shop and find yourself in need of fluffy handcuffs and a sexy nurse outfit, Don Quijote is your best bet.

  • Recommended for: Men, women, couples
  • Price range: ¥–¥¥¥

Affix Parapara


Affix Parapara is a small store found near Kichijoji Station that specializes in BDSM gear and fashion. It’s very well known within Japan’s fetish scene. If you follow any BDSM scenesters in Tokyo, there’s a good chance they got their gear from here.

  • Recommended for: Men and women into latex, BDSM, and fetish fashion 
  • Price range: ¥¥–¥¥¥

For Your Pleasure


If you’re looking for something a little more luxury from the usual fare, it doesn’t get much fancier than For Your Pleasure. Located in Omotesando, this discreet store has all kinds of stylish and high-quality BDSM products and sex toys for women. Everything from knee-high boots, vibrators, and gags can be found here.

  • Recommended for: Women into BDSM and fetish fashion
  • Price range: ¥¥¥¥ 

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