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Jeanne Croteau

Jeanne Croteau is a psychology professor and mom of six who loves collecting stamps from shrines, temples and train stations. She documents her family's relocation journey on Instagram and on her personal blog "Six for Japan."

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Kehi Jingu Shrine

Kehi Jingu Shrine

The remarkable Kehi Jingu Shrine in Fukui Prefecture is the chief guardian shrine of the Hokuriku region.

keya kurotatsu shrine

Keya Kurotatsu Shrine

The historic Keya Kurotatsu Shrine in Fukui Prefecture was built to protect Japan in ancient times.


Kanegasaki Shrine

The beautiful Kanegasaki Shrine in Fukui Prefecture is popular among those hoping to find true love.

port of humanity tsuruga museum

Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum

A museum celebrating the humanitarian history of Tsuruga in Fukui Prefecture.

Maruoka Castle

Maruoka Castle

This Hirayama-style castle features a pentagonal-shaped moat and is incredibly picturesque in the springtime.