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Alma Reyes

Alma Reyes is a Tokyo-based writer, editor, translator, layout designer and part-music event organizer. She received her Master’s degree from Kyoto Institute of Technology and has worked for several publications in Japan.

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Stop for a relaxing break in the coastal town of Manazuru during your trip to Kanagawa Prefecture.

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan


The eastern region of Kushiro abounds in national parks, wildlife and a huge seafood market.

Kyo- Garaku Train

Kyo-Train Garaku

Experience a Japanese traditional setting inside an elegantly decorated train to and from Kyoto and Osaka.


Spacia X

Take a luxurious adventure on the new and rapid Limited Express train to Nikko.

Hanayome Noren Tourist Train

Hanayome Noren Train

Step inside a train gallery of colorful bridal curtain designs while savoring the panoramic view along the Noto Peninsula.


Kanazawa Neighborhoods (Nagamachi, Higashi Chaya, Nishi Chaya, Kazue-machi)

Get to know the neighborhoods in Kanazawa that have been preserved from the Edo era

okage yokocho

Okage Yokocho

Walk through ancient Edo and Meiji period downtown streets and indulge in local delicacies.

Sofuku-ji Temple

Sofukuji Temple

The city of Nagasaki is predominantly identified with the horrific nuclear attack in 1945. This historical phenomenon and the trade relations with Portuguese and Dutch explorers in the 16th to 19th centuries...


Mikimoto Pearl Island

Discover the magic of pearl cultivation and Ama divers in action at the Mikimoto Pearl Island


Stroll along the beach of Ise Bay and discover an Imperial guesthouse from the Meiji era.

Hayama Shiosai

Hayama Shiosai Park and Museum

Remnants of an Imperial Villa Garden immerse with the Isshiki Coast of Hayama.