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Photo By: Art Aquarium Museum
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Art Aquarium Ginza

With 5,000 goldfish across a hundred different varieties, Art Aquarium Museum Ginza will not disappoint as a unique art experience in the middle of Tokyo.

By Chehui Peh

Walk through an incredible kaleidoscopic burst of goldfish at the Art Aquarium Museum Ginza. Located in Ginza Mitsukoshi Shinkan, the Art Aquarium Museum Ginza features over 5,000 goldfish across 100 different varieties, all featured in exhibits that change seasonally. Designed to give visitors the best of Japanese aesthetics and culture, these living art pieces make the aquarium a destination not to be missed.

Taking Cues from Edo Goldfish Appreciation to Today

Art Aquarium Ginza

Photo by: Art Aquarium Museum A throwback to Edo Period practices.

Relocated from its last location in Nihonbashi to its current space in Ginza in May 2022, the museum stemmed from the historical context of goldfish appreciation that began in the Edo period (1603-1867) when goldfish became pets because of the appreciation of their beauty. The museum keeps true to this context, creating a space where goldfish can be appreciated and photographed for their beauty in every space, from every angle.

When entering the museum, you step onto a bridge framed by hanging lanterns titled Ginza Mantoro. Tastefully lit to signify entry into the underwater world, the image brings to mind entering a shrine and bringing us to the world of goldfish.

Seasonal Colors

Art Aquarium Ginza

Photo by: Art Aquarium Museum Can you guess what season this color scheme is for?

Depending on the season you visit, you might be enchanted by the fall foliage and bursts of orange, red, and gold in the exhibit during Autumn, or you may be surprised by the greens and blues of Summer in contrast to the Goldfish Waterfall. Designed for you to go up close to admire the swimming goldfish in this unique waterfall space, you can stand “in” the waterfall, while listening to the sounds and taking in the scents of nature.

For bonsai lovers, bonsai master Masashi Hirao’s works are exhibited in the goldfish display cabinet, along with Kosyo Nemoto’s Edo Kiroko glassworks framing the colorful fishes.

The flow of the museum is easy to follow, and there is a theme, along with music specially produced for each exhibit. The music sets the tone of this incredible combination of beautiful and aesthetically stunning goldfish and a mix of colors and sounds.

Made for Social Media

Art Aquarium Ginza

Photo by: Art Aquarium Museum Instagrammable, to say the least.

For social media users, you’ll be pleased to hear that the museum fully encourages photography and is perfect for your next social media adventure. The best way to enjoy it is to interact with the exhibits and enjoy the splash of colors and the change in the living exhibits with every passing second.

Do not miss the exhibit Show of Kingyo, where the goldfish are shown in all its beauty. These square transparent tanks on low columns allow visitors to appreciate the goldfish from above and exhibit different rare varieties of goldfish with specially made craft flowers by artisans that are changed seasonally.

Things To Know


Tickets cost ¥2,300 if purchased online beforehand or ¥2,500 for same-day tickets that can be bought at the reception counter. The museum is free for up to two children (12 years old and younger) per adult. 

Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. 

How To Get There


By train

The closest station is Ginza Station on the Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, and Hibiya Line.

It is also accessible 5 minutes by walk from Ginza-itchome Station on the Yurakucho Line, and 2 minutes away from, the Higashi Ginza Station on the Toei Asakusa Line and Hibiya Line.

Where To Stay

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  • 4-9-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan
  • ¥34,500 - ¥145,900
  • 4.43/5 (865 reviews)
  • 0.2 km
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo
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Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ginza-Sanchome
  • 3-8-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan
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Tokyu Stay Ginza
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Tokyo Edition Ginza
  • 2-8-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan
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