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GaijinPot 2018 Cherry Blossom Contest — Contest Closed!

Use #GaijinPotSakura on social media to win a free hotel stay and more!

Traveling in Japan for yet another amazing cherry blossom, or sakura, season? Share your gorgeous cherry blossom photos for the GaijinPot 2018 Cherry Blossom Contest.

You’ll be taking hundreds (if not thousands) of blossom snapshots and videos, anyways, right? So why not tag #GaijinPotSakura on social media to showcase the magic that is sakura season in Japan. Plus, you could win a free hotel stay, sakura goodies and even get international exposure for it!

Call for Photos/Video

Submit your best — and most creative — sakura shots via social media anytime from now until May 13. (Dates based on the latest blossom forecast.)


  • ??? First prize: A 1-night hotel stay for 2 people worth ¥30,000.  (You can choose from one of more than 40 luxurious participating hotels.)
  • ?? Second prize: An amazing Sakura Gift Box filled with cherry blossom-flavored and themed goodies.
  • ? International recognition: Your work will have a chance to be featured and accredited in GaijinPot’s Best of 2018 GaijinPot Cherry Blossom photos.

How To Share & Win

Simply share your photos/videos with us via one (or all!) of our SNS. All will be considered for prizes.

  • Twitter: Tag your posts with #GaijinPotSakura and tag location.
  • Instagram: Tag your posts with #GaijinPotSakura and tag location.
  • Facebook: Tag your public post with #GaijinPotSakura and tag location.

Contest Rules/Tips

If you are a winner, you will be contacted within a week of the contest’s end. Winners must be a legal adult.


Images/Videos should be:

  • Your own. It should be shot by you!
  • Current from 2018. Please do not reuse photos from year’s past. (We will be checking to ensure the authenticity of the photos/videos and that they are current.)
  • Real. Please don’t use heavy filters/doctored photos.
  • From Japan. Only posts from Japan will be accepted.
  • Tagged with a location. Don’t forget the location on the post.


  • How many? Submit/tag as many photos/videos as you like.
  • Video length? Videos should be 1 minute or less.
  • What to shoot? Photos that focus on the landscape scenery or close-up shots of cherry blossoms are encouraged. But, we are also looking for creative shots that haven’t been done before — silly selfies, awkard family portraits in front of sakura — get weird!
  • Sharing on Facebook? Be sure to change the privacy settings of your post to be “public” otherwise it won’t be counted. Please note that this is the only way we can see your post if your page is private.